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Nicaraguan tragedy

Daniel Ortega can not pretend to throw on other shoulders what has happened and what can happen in the next days in his country

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Nicaraguan tragedy

The worst political crisis that Nicaragua has experienced since 1990 has already left 300 dead in its streets, victims of repression of a regime that refuses to respond to demands of population and acts as a true dictatorship.

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Daniel Ortega must leave

The recourse to death squads by presidency of Daniel Ortega has exasperated mood and has raised tone of a protest that has gone from calling for withdrawal of political measures and demand dialogue with opposition, to demand directly that both Ortega Co Mo his wife — terrible vice-President Rosario Murillo — abandon power.

The tens of thousands of people who marched on streets of Central American country on Thursday demanding resignation of Ortega are tangible proof of state of social fracture that terrible management of Nicaraguan President has created. Protesters demanded responsibility for killing of 21 people last Sunday in two locations north of Managua, victims of paramilitaries who support government. This is greatest number of violent deaths in a single day that Nicaragua has lived in peacetime.

Ortega is responsible for violent repression of opposition and will have to be held accountable to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which requires that corresponding judicial processes be opened. The or international actor that can influence dramatic situation is Organization of American States (OAS), to which opposition requests that it activate Democratic Charter that can lead to suspension of Nicaragua as full member.

Daniel Ortega cannot claim to cast on or shoulders what has happened and what may happen in coming days in his country. The course of events depends exclusively on your decisions.

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