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Octavio Granad re-directs Social security as secretary of State

Held the same position during the government of Zapatero between 2004 and 2011 and will have to deal with pensions again

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Octavio Granad re-directs Social security as secretary of State

Octavio Granao (Burgos, 1959) will return to forefront of Social security. The Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, has decided to appoint Secretary of state who already occupied position of maximum responsible for pensions throughout government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, between 2004 and 2011, according to several sources who know The decision. In work y point out that minister is still shutting down her team and will probably take appointments on Friday to Council of Ministers.

This high school teacher is probably one of biggest connoisseurs of pension system that PSOE has. Although shortly after leaving government returned to his position as a teacher, pomegranate has never stopped studying and writing, despite serious health problems he has had and overcome, on Social security and pensions in Spain. In his writings, he has always been critical of his successor Tomás Burgos. "All approved measures have decreased incomes or generated inequalities," he wrote in his last article published in country, days before moviliazaciones of March.

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During its previous mandate, two pension reforms were made (2006 and 2011), last being one that carried out delay of age of 65 to 67 years. Both counted on agreement of social agents, one of priorities that Government has marked and which reiterated to minister on Wednesday when it ended with social agents.

Granad has never shown support for a major reform that will forever fix pension system, because it believes that re is no such thing. Its position has always been reform continues and gradually to adapt Social security to circumstances of each moment and give time to contributors to adapt to changes.

With his appointment, Valerio follows same criterion as Pedro Sanchez in appointment of many of his ministers, since pomegranate is someone who can begin to manage Social security from day one. In addition, it is someone who has respect of many of officials of Institute foresight, which recognizes him solvency and knowledge of system and its recesses.

Despite knowing very well Social security, pomegranate, degree in philosophy and literature and sociologist, you can not qualify as a technician. He is a long-track politician and a hard and forceful opponent. He was a senator between 1983 and 2001, where he was spokesman for economics, budgets and health, and responsible for economics at last federal Executive committee of PSOE.

Until a few days ago, Granad denied that he was in pools as a minister or secretary of state. He will finally redirect Social security. This again makes it clear that Sanchez's government puts spotlight on pensions.

The nearly eight years of pomegranate management were marked by final years of economic euphoria, between 2004 and 2008, and by start of labor collapse. This euphoria and great creation of employment led to social security of its greater surplus and reserve fund of social Security to maximum. In fact, when he left Social security he had not yet resorted to pension fund to pay pensions. However, PP has always reminded him that this was not because he used some of surplus years of bonanza, if you put it in piggy bank, to cope with defaults of companies in trouble during early years of crisis and that if he had not done The fund would have had more resources. Traditionally ir answer is that this was case this decision was supported by social agents and much of parliamentary arch because when crisis came was way Treasury of Social Security had no problems pressing least Possible to troubled businesses.

The surplus of initial years was gradually reduced by increase in unemployment and its last year was first in which re was a surplus in pension system, still of a few hundreds of millions.


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