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' Officer can't lock the door within hours '

In a public hospital in the Ministry of Health, the dietician had locked the door of his room within the working hours and did not let the patient in. The paramedic, who did not respond to the phones, took the patient in on the second time the door was stolen when the administration was activated. A warning was given to the health of the administrative investigation. Dietician who wants to cancel the sentence, the court's decision to lock the door of the officer's office at the time of the ' work is a crime ' came out.

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' Officer can't lock the door within hours '

The officer in a public institution who is obliged to serve citizen, due to locking door of room, was awarded warning about consultation. In a public hospital, dietician started to sit at his desk by locking his door within hours. The patient who had an appointment for days prior to examination knocked on door to be treated. He did not open door to a dietician who was enraged by an incident he had experienced.

  • The patient admitted to hospital administration to open door. The executives who tried to reach dietician with a built-in phone have suffered a great shock. When dietician didn't pick up phones, this time door was stolen twice. After a while, he examined dietitian patient who opened door. The dietician initiated an investigation into hospital administration, provincial disciplinary committee received a warning penalty. The dietician, who was sentenced to warn of act of State Civil servants ' Law No. 657, or to be indifferent to his or her business owners, claimed to have committed an actual claim under article.

The administrative court ruled that dietician was in room within working hours, but was not opening door, but was disrupting his duties. The dietician who rejected appeal appealed to verdict. Council of 12. His apartment refused to appeal to dietician.

The following statements were included in decision: "The plaintiff, who served as a dietitian at state Hospital, has rejected his objection to process against punishment of Civil Servants ' law, 125/A-(f), in accordance with provisions of an excitation... The case was negotiated by lawsuit filed by cancellation of provincial Disciplinary Board process. Although plaintiff was in his room during his working hours, he did not respond to patient by keeping room door locked and n opened door on phone and second time knocking on room door answered patient, plaintiff's verb was found in valve On grounds of refusal of case, decision given by Administrative court and justification of verdict, law and rule of appeal, because re is no reason to comply with decision, refusal of decision to be decided by unanimous vote. "


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