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Old and New Mexico

Although elected finger-candidate, Meade is the PRI's best choice

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Old and New Mexico

After months of speculation and of games of dismissal, President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, deceived with truth and uncovered last Monday to favourite in bets, so far secretary of Treasury, Jose Antonio Meade, as presidential candidate of PRI in The July 2018 elections. An election that has been criticized by method — presidential finger of or non-democratic times — but not by man, an independent politician, of a technical profile and with a willingness to consensus that hardly generates rejection in electorate compared to Or applicants.

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Meade represents a great novelty: he is first candidate for PRI Presidency that does not belong to historic party that has ruled Mexico for more than 70 years. Therefore, it marks distances with heavy burden of unpopularity that represent decontrol of corruption and violence in this six-term. But also ir choice is in accordance with se times in which politics dominates and not ideology, movements and not parties. Just as, at one end, Donald Trump was a foreign body to Republican Party tradition, also former minister Emmanuel Macron arrived at presidency of France after improvising a movement, in progress, of difficult ideological concretion.

Meade's candidacy offers PRI opportunity to occupy political center by attracting votes both from right of PAN and from moderate left of PRD — currently entangled in an electoral alliance of uncertain future — which will be essential to curb Everlasting candidate for presidency and best located in polls, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It also represents a security guarantee for investors and economic stability in Mexico, as well as deepening structural reforms undertaken during outgoing President's term.

But it also poses challenges, starting with wher it will be able to extricate itself from rhetoric, complicities and tricks of worst PRI, and to find an effective political language to restore confidence to a society devastated by corruption, violence, Impunity, abuse of power, inequality and promises thousand times unfulfilled.

President Peña Nieto's decision represents start of a long election campaign in recent democratic history of Mexico. To hostility of norrn neighbor — course of negotiations on new free trade agreement with United States and Canada will certainly have an influence on campaign — strength gained by social networks is added to generate public opinion with ir Sequels of false news and foreign interference and, above all, global phenomenon of gap that separates political class of citizens. "We must stop idea of m and us in construction of Mexico," said José Antonio Meade in a recent interview with this newspaper. It's a start.

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