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On the R ä of the Realit ä t

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On the R ä of the Realit ä t

Care, here it becomes complex: In its series "Streetscapes", Heinz Emigholz thinks about architecture. For third part, "dialogue" (Saturday, 6.30 pm, Film museum), he has travelled to Uruguay and has filmed buildings by Eladio Diesen and Julio Vilamajó. Jonathan Perel, who, as director, turned a mamatics-loving film about settlements of Uruguayan dictatorship, plays here a psychoanalyst who accompanies a director through his creative crisis. Whoever finds that documentary and fiction are quite beautiful knots, that lands directly at Underdox, film festival which explicitly moves between document and experiment. The knowledge is sought in this voltage range. "La Fiesta de Otros (Or people's celebration)" by Ana Serret Ituarte (Saturday, 7pm, new Maxim) revolves around Spanish fiestas and observes those who have to work for celebrations of ors. What remains after celebrations becomes a symbol of a country staggersed by crises. Annik Leroy, on or hand, combines black-and-white images of ruins with voices of Ingeborg Bachmann, Pier Paolo Pasolini and ors: "Tremor-it is always war" (Saturday, 21 o'clock, Film Museum) is an essay on war and violence. Out of crisis zone, Basma Alsharifs "Ouroboros" (Sunday, 8.30 pm, workshop cinema) aspires. The journey of his protagonist begins in rubble of Gaza Strip, but transcends borders, time and space-and even Californian desert is in dream logic of this film, which also wants to reflect medial representation of Gaza conflict, achievable. Time Transzendierend is also "minute bodies- intimate world". Tindersticks singer Stuart A. Staples has rediscovered nature documentaries of F. Percy Smith from 1920s (Sunday, 10.30 pm, workshop cinema). and its macro shots make setting through Tindersticks now a hypnotic experience.

Underdox Festival, to 11 October, various cinemas, programme infos:


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