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Open Day T ü R in the wolf enclosure

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Open Day T ü R in the wolf enclosure

How dangerously free-living wolves are for people and ir pets, opinions also go far apart in Bavarian forest. As far as wolves in his enclosures are concerned, Bavarian Forest National Park has been in any case safe: high fences separate animals from visitors of his two outdoor areas.

At enclosure at "House to Wilderness" near Ludwigsthal (County rain) However, on Friday morning heavy, orwise blocked and secured gate was wide open, six out of nine wolves had disappeared. One of m had already been hit by a train in late Thursday evening, as National Park administration experienced in morning. It assumes that gate has been opened intentionally.

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This gate is normally only opened for feeding, said National park spokesman Gregor Wolf on Friday and wolves are fed re only three times a week, last on Wednesday. The fact that an employee accidentally left gate open is hardly probable. Just as open as gate is now question in room, who could be responsible for such a sabotage.

The fact that wolves are now again roaming through Bavarian forest and bordering Czech National Park Šumava is by no means enthusiastic about many people in region. In older, souastern part of Bavarian Forest National Park around Neuschönau, several animals have recently formed first free-living wolf pack in Bavaria. What wolf experts, nature lovers and National Park administration are looking forward to, leaves many farmers to fear for ir cattle and some people even around ir children.

Experts like wolf expert Ulrich Wotschikowsky are persistently trying to dispel such fears. Even from Wolves, who have now escaped from enclosure at house of wilderness in newer northwestern part of National park, it is previewed that almost no danger is anticipated, said Wotschikowsky on Friday. The fact that animals are accustomed to humans should, in his view, lead to fact that y do not perceive people as dangerous in principle and may refore have a little less shyness than ir always wildly-living fellows.

The adult animals had lived toger in enclosure, but did not form a real pack. Every single animal, refore, will probably quickly go its own way in freedom. The wolf expert hopes that this could also dampen fears in surrounding area. An animal has already become a man with his technique to doom. It was run on Thursday evening at around 10pm and only a few hundred meters from enclosure on line from Zwiesel to Bavarian Eisenstein from a train. Why national Park did not experience this until Friday morning, his spokesman Gregor Wolf could not explain.

The wolves are for first time in freedom

The remaining five animals roamed in a triple and a two group near enclosure in late Friday afternoon. They try to drive m back towards gate with a total of 35 animal carers, forestry workers and professional hunters. There, y were designed to lure animals back, said Wolf. "Should this not succeed, anaestic rifles are used," National park manager Franz Leiber shared.

The animals have spent ir entire life in captivity according to National Park data. Among or things, wolf expert Ulrich Wotschikowsky believes it is also promising to lure animals back to where y have been regularly supplied. If this did not succeed in first few days, animals would surely quickly train necessary instincts to get along in wilderness, said Wotschikowsky, who himself worked in National Park for several years.

In late 1970s, nine wolves had escaped from an enclosure, he recalled. The animals would have been able to find ir way quickly, but a long life in freedom was not granted to m. After a few days, last of nine animals was shot, but at a time when people were not even familiar with idea of free-living wolves. Bavaria's official Wolf manager Manfred WOLFL from Office for Environment followed case on Friday from his desk in Hof. He's only responsible for wildlife. Wher and when Lost wolves could become wild animals remained open until evening.

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