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Optimism european

The EU should seize the moment to strengthen and defend their values

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Optimism european

The EU should seize moment to strengn and defend ir values

The European Union is living a paradox: it is launched for first time a great country, and, however, main actors of club exhibit a great deal of optimism. The defection of United Kingdom, which has blocked many reforms and that he never participated nor of single currency or Schengen area, opens a window of opportunity to strengn EU and to undertake new projects. That is view expressed by president of European Commission, veteran leader of luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker before European Parliament.

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With recession, and advance of populism already in rear-view mirror, an economic growth of 2% and a handful of small countries eager to complete map of EU, Juncker has invited citizens to accommodate dream of a better Europe. The wind blows as to favor democrat proposes to pave path of social Europe. It is a good and new news, though proposals require precision to be credible, but only bet by standards of european social achieve full adhesion of citizens.

In times of desertion and rebellion of some Eastern countries, it is very opportune that president of Commission call for european values. Because, as Spanish know very well, Europe is much more than a single market and a common currency, as has also indicated own Juncker. In name of those principles to which all should be timely, it is also tap to countries such as Hungary and Poland for violating european standards.

The most concrete proposals of Juncker have two virtues: y can be applied quickly without changing treaties and respond to desire and need to strengn common institutions cohesionando labor rules and financial institutions to internal market is something more than a concept. This is to speed up process of entry into euro to be currency of all, although Sweden and Denmark continue to remain outside of ir own volition. It's about having a economic minister full-time for eurozone strengned. It is that chairman of Board is also of Commission, which will provide your figure most power of dialogue. This is to approve tax, go to banking union, to expand Schengen area or to create an agency of cybersecurity.

The German elections may be kick off of that Europe which is emerging from march 29, 2019, when United Kingdom abandoning EU. The club loses a great economic and military power and to compensate for it aims to accelerate Europe of Defence and a few business relationships away from any hint of naivety to defend in world, ir values and ir social standards. It is not a simple task. Button of sample is control of borders established within EU by some countries in ir fight against terrorism. The big stumbling block is, as always, that Council accept ambitious proposals. It is expected with anxiety breath of Berlin and his alliance with reinforced France's Macron.

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