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Oxfam's Mistake

Controls on the ethical conduct of the cooperatives failed

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Oxfam's Mistake
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There are behaviors that are always reprehensible, but even more so when y occur within an organization that is based on ir existence ethical values and principles. It is entirely unacceptable for OXFAM members to hire prostitutes and to organise 2011, while on humanitarian mission in Haiti after terrible earthquake that devastated island. The fact is particularly serious if one takes into account that head of mission had already had similar conduct in Chad in 2006. The repetition indicates that, at least at that time, internal controls on ethical conduct of staff were weak or non-existent.

The organization now expresses its "sadness, indignation and shame" and it's okay to tone up an honest mea culpa. It is also that as a result of scandal y have presented ir resignation seniors responsible for entity. But most important thing is to ensure that something like this cannot be repeated anymore. While it is true that reprehensible conduct is attributable to a small part of its 10,000 workers, it has devastating consequences for entire NGO sector. Facts like this not only damage prestige of a humanitarian organization operating in 90 countries, has more than 2,000 programs in progress and has millions of collaborators; It also causes irreparable direct damage to millions of vulnerable people who can benefit from international solidarity through such organizations.

We must applaud Oxfam's willingness to regain confidence of citizenry and to celebrate its announcement that it will implement rigorous and effective internal control measures to prevent such serious events from being repeated. This will require great effort and a lot of transparency. There is no or way to regain credibility of an organization that, like or NGOs, is and will continue to be much needed.

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