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Pandora's Box

It worries that the Catalan secessionism contributes to disintegrating Europe

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Pandora's Box

The secessionist adventure in which government and part of Parlament have embarked on Catalonia has consequences that transcend Spanish borders and, in all justification, are generating deep concern among European partners in Spain.

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Although Catalan authorities present ir challenge to state as a festive adventure with a happy ending, outside Spain are perceived as irresponsible to recklessly manipulate a Pandora's box that has cost Europe centuries and immense Sufferings close and that nobody wants to see open again.

Every day, European policymakers are clearer than Catalan independence project to reinstate medieval map of Iberian Peninsula will affect m negatively. They are rightly afraid that Catalonia will be advance of a divisive movement contrary to integrative effort that has guaranteed welfare and peace to Europe after end of World War II, caused precisely by triumph of irredentistic nationalism.

This is what current EU leaders have understood and also important political figures that have contributed to ir construction. As noted from pages of this newspaper German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer — who speaks from European left — would be absurd from historical point of view to enter into a phase of secession and disintegration in 21st century.

From Balkans, where wounds of terrible war that lived after rupture of disappeared Yugoslavia could reopen and revive border conflicts, to Baltics and Ukraine, where Russia has shown again and again its desire for revenge for having Lost its area of influence, illegal and groundbreaking Catalan way to independence is being observed with great attention.

Russia's ongoing turmoil, patenting Julian Assange's activities and Russian troll farms, Putin's statements recalling his admonitions about Kosovo, and recent visit of South Ossetian leaders, at invitation of Independence, to strengn relations with procés, clearly reveals who is encouraging and how it hopes to benefit from chaos sown by Catalan sovereignty.

The European Union took as a basis nation-states to build a structure that exceeded m while ensuring plurality and identities. Destroying one of se States — as a hypotical Catalan independence would — is a lethal blow not only for Spain but for whole of Europe. Do not be surprised by independence that instead of solidarity, in rest of Europe only generate anxiety and concern.

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