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Pedestrian: Follow the arrow

The streets of single direction for the transit of the citizens with police surveillance expose the ultraregulatory and paternalistic policies of the municipalities hipsters

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Pedestrian: Follow the arrow

It seemed like a joke, but it was a premonition: city police stop a pedestrian for speeding. He reproaches him for recklessly advancing an elderly couple. And check sole of your shoes, it will not happen that y have lost drawing or adhesion.

It seemed like a joke. And, actually, it was. Manolo Summer s directed a sketch of hidden camera in 1982 where some agents claimed a citizen his pedestrian card. Not satisfied with a speeding ticket-50 meters per hour-he was required to change his shoes. And escarmentaban him with a bullying that man opposed candor and repentance.

After 35 years of premiere of to Er mundo é mejó, Manuela Carmen a has decided to organize pedestrians in single-direction streets. The Christmas emergency of agglomerations is supposed to require transit measures, although most striking aspect of this picturesque initiative is role of vigilance that municipal police will assume.

They do not appear to have authority to fine kamikaze pedestrian — one who circulates in opposite direction, but mere deployment of agents understood a coercive exercise of daily life. And it is in regulatory excesses attributed by paternalistic administrations. They help us to walk. They tell us where to go. And where not to do it.

It thus acquires citizen, population, submissive connotation of immature herd. He is stripped of his judgment and wisdom to perform in exceptional situations. And he constrains to develop in alienating image of "unique sense". Pedestrian, follow arrow.

The City Council of Madrid, like that of Barcelona and like that of or communes obsessed in propaganda of good citizenship and moralism, has invested French principle of efficacy. It is not Savoir faire, but faire savoir (hacer saber). Nothing is better for a citizen's life than living with an invisible administration. The government is less noticeable, more effective policy is, but Manuela Carmena, as Ada Colau, needs to show us that he is leading and until he takes care of us. They are obsessed by both implication of citizenship, although all debates concerning demagoguery of participatory politics are rigged beforehand, or represent a way to evade responsibility.

It has one impression, even, that Carmena, much more egomaniac of what denotes tenderness of its charisma, aspires to settle in position of skies, similar to that Mor Pantocrática that appeared to Woody Allen in its episode of Stories from New York. And that he would weigh his presence and his ability to scrutinize, to extreme of turning it into an paschal lamb.

It does not have great relevance in itself to apply in some streets norm of unique sense, but it does have it in a qualitative sense, because it exposes temptation of interference with alibi of common good.

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