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People's Republic of Catalonia

There will be no independence and we are going towards an early regional elections

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People's Republic of Catalonia

The process of national construction in Catalonia began decades ago, financed by bourgeoisie and led by Pujolism. As always happens in history, se processes follow a chaotic and unpredictable dynamic. You know how process starts, but never how it ends. Wrapped in a romantic narrative, Catalan bourgeoisie has awakened anarchist spirit that has historically been deeply rooted in Catalonia.

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The CUP is inspired by Latin American revolutions of extreme left of twentieth century. His economic program is same as Fidel Castro established in Cuba in 1960s and later Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. And today we know that y generate poverty and unhappiness. The CUP proposes in its program nationalization of all strategic sectors: banks, electricity, water, gas, oil ...

The leaders of We can also come from same origin and ir electoral program of Europeans of 2014 was very similar to that of CUP. However, its program for 2016 elections was intended as a social democrat, although it still maintains vestiges of Latin American popular revolution. But in Catalonia we can become an irrelevant party and it is Ada Colau who leads movement. Colau is a professional antisystem citizen and since Young has defended same postulates as those of People's Republic of Catalonia defending CUP. It can only be explained that one of its main ideological flags is renationalization of water.

Barcelona is a world leader in water efficient management and its mixed public-private model is one that Fidel Castro chose in city of Havana. And it is model recommended by UN to address challenges of climate change in its agenda 2030. Today many Catalans have woken up from country of never ever seeing how General Society of Aguas de Barcelona has decided to change its headquarters. In Eighties we had to fight against dogmatism of Reagan and Thatcher who demonized public and now we must fight against se dogmatic who demonize private.

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans believed that independence would improve ir standard of living. The tsunami of last week has generated fear for future of ir jobs and ir children and grandchildren. In 1978 more than 90% of Catalans voted Yes in Constitution referendum. We have increased population by 10 million people from 1977 and we have converged on rent with our European partners. Spain is fifth country in developed world where employment has grown most.

The Spanish have multiplied by ten investment per capita in education and we have eradicated illiteracy. We have gone from a college rate of 3% to 30% today. We have multiplied by ten investment in public health, we have universalized pensions.

There will be no independence and we go back to early elections in Catalonia. A majority of Catalans have possibility of ending virus of People's Republic which is main threat to ir future welfare.


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