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Permanent threat

The attack yesterday in London is a sad reminder that terrorism is present in our everyday life

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Permanent threat

The attack yesterday in London is a sad reminder that terrorism is present in our daily life

The terrorist attack recorded yesterday in London underground, where a bomb exploded in a wagon causing a score of casualties, is a new and sad reminder that terrorist threat is permanent, and that all democratic societies must be vigilant.

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almost one month after massacre of Barcelona, only a cluster of factors —such as homemade bomb to explode partially and convoy was on surface— prevented anor great tragedy with label terrorist in british capital. The wagon concerned was full of passengers because detonation occurred in full rush hour.

Unfortunately we are meeting some of most pessimistic predictions with respect to incidence of terrorism in everyday life of many countries. And for common citizen almost as bad as letting fear paralyze normal chores is to finish getting used to this threat to point of not having too much in mind. We can never insist enough on that citizen collaboration is fundamental to prevention and persecution of this class of crimes. These contributions, however small y may seem at general level, are an invaluable aid to thousands of professionals in Europe who are dedicated daily to prevent and prosecute acts as experienced yesterday in London.

as often happens, Government of Theresa May acted with great caution when first to qualify explosion as a terrorist act, and n to allocate responsibilities as police officers and researchers working in field. He contrasts this attitude, serious and sensible with immediacy with which president of united STATES, Donald Trump, took attack to sell, again via Twitter, his border policy, questioned by a racist.

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