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Poland challenges EU

The Polish government is erasing the division of powers

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Poland challenges EU

Poland has adopted a controversial legislation on its judicial system that blurs separation of powers, opens up a dangerous authoritarian way and makes it collide with values that European Union defends to which it belongs since 2003. A great European country, with a painful and courageous recent history, renounces best of its own struggle for democracy and falls into hands of a nationalist and ultraconservative government that aspires to control judiciary in most obscene way.

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Poland reacts (31/10/2016)

Since yesterday, Government of Law and Justice Party (PiS) has control of National Council of Judiciary and Supreme Court through appointment of its judges. A new law reduces age of compulsory withdrawal of judges from 70 to 65 years, which is most likely forced departure of 27 of 72 judges of High Court before end of his term. Those who have exceeded 65 years must ask Polish President, Andrzej Duda, to let m continue and this may — or will not — renew ir mandate for three more years.

In addition, new law extends number of judges to 120, most of whom may be appointed by executive. This reform — which is being answered in broad sections of Polish society — adds to or measures such as new Constitutional Court law, which regulates public media — and favors its political control — or progressive and constant Abortion restrictions.

The EU complies with its obligation to open an urgent infringement procedure against Poland. It is essential that Polish citizens who demonstrate against anti-democratic abuse of ir government receive unequivocal message of support from ir European friends and partners and that y are sure that Union, through all instruments at ir fingertips, will not Leave.

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