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Political brutality

Arrogant leaders who break the rules of diplomacy triumph

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Political brutality

The centenary of Nelson Mandela's birth was occasion used by former president Barack Obama to warn against dangers of a return to authoritarianism and intolerance. It is a more than timely alarm signal in a world view dominated by a sort of political brutality in ways that count on growing sympathy of electorate. Donald Trump is probably greatest exponent of an idea that abhors politically correct and uses a Bronco language and even foul easy to understand that also appeals to primary feelings against reason.

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Trump's latest Bravuconada, posted on his Twitter account with capital letters threatening amount language to Iranian president, is not an innocuous anecdote. Once he has withdrawn United States from Iranian nuclear program, burying one of greatest diplomatic successes of recent years, Trump increases international tension, knowing that his arrogance is well appreciated among his own.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Matteo Salvini, among ors, have established a new and aggressive style in which brutality dominates. The Italy that has voted for a movement whose motto was to take by ass is today a country radicalized against immigration of hand of public personages like Salvini. Its decisions, almost always of xenophobic and nationalist dyes, underline m with improper insults of a politician of first level and with arrogant expressions. "Italian ports will only see m on a postcard," he recently warned in his Twitter account to Spanish NGOs rescuing shipwrecked people in Mediterranean.

The dialectic established by se leaders is not an innocent rupture of diplomatic rules, one of most powerful tools to preserve peace and concord. It is a broader rupture by a personalistic power that dialogues or seems to dialogue directly with people through social networks — despising democratic institutions — that empathize with him through colloquial language, which dazzles with his Patriotic protectionism and which, in short, does not use language as a means of communication, but of domination.

In face of a world that is too complicated and a slow and complex democracy in its balance of power, strong leaders impose ir dynamics. Putin's profile, a former Soviet spy, of complexion and military manners, is protective guide who, according to himself, Russians demand.

In days of fake news, brutality of power is exerted with little respect for truth. What is important is not what has been said in Helsinki, but Putin speaks equally to Trump, which, by way, only half Americans criticize him for relying more on Russian word than on his own administration.

The play of coarse and uncomplex gestures and words connects directly with populism and points to a dangerous drift: from propaganda domination to totalitarianism re is a way too short.

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