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Politicians entangled in social networks

Much criticize young people and their mobile but our representatives also abuse them

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Politicians entangled in social networks

We talk and write a lot about effects of new technologies — especially access and use of social networks — in young people. And on many occasions we do this in negative terms or by asking for precautions to be taken against possible dangers. As is usually case with everything in life, even if re is justification for it, perhaps we can be carrying too much ink in worst aspects. Of course, when parents check how intrusion into ir children's rooms from smartphones or tablets — with ir Instagram, or Facebook, among ors — automatically assume a bajonazo in reading and closed doors, few sociological studies They can move away from ir thinking that re is something that does not go well.

However, we speak little in same terms of warning of unexpected effects of technology and networks on or activities, for example in politics. It is true that big exception to this rule is Donald Trump, but use of Twitter made by President of United States puts it as a clear case of compulsive use of social networks. There are those who speak of blunders of White House tenant, but y are not at all. What Trump does is use same Bronco language he probably uses in private meetings but on a worldwide loudspeaker. In first is not only, in second yes. The two NATO generals who in January 1999 visited Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic to cease repression in Kosovo possibly did not use a very different tone than Trump's on his Twitter with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Of course, re were no social networks. In less than three months y bombed Belgrade. By way, first planes were Spanish.

But let's not go to extremes. What draws attention is how political class has acquired habit of using networks with invaluable help of media. That's wonderful. There is no longer a phone call for statements. You got m on your cell phone. There is everything, as in Chinese on corner: from condolences to congratulations going through criticism of proposals or deep thoughts (or not). As anthropologist Yuval Noah Harari explains, it is no longer enough for things (in this case declarations) to occur, but that y do not exist until y are put into nets. For example, it is not enough to call Angela Merkel after an election. You have to post it on Twitter.

The result of this technological logic is explanation of Director general of DGT, Gregorio Serrano, to his presence in Seville during storm of AP-6. There "also work Internet and phone" and you can coordinate everything at a distance. Hurrying, with Internet is enough. In Brussels — which is certainly not Sevilla or painting — Internet and phone also work, so Carles Puigdemont wants to be invested president on Skype. Instead of yeses y should give it likes. From Madrid government would respond with a tweet. Then we criticize Trump.

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