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Politicization of art

Sijena's Treasury's independence defense is another form of victimization

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Politicization of art
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Heritage and Nationalism

Salamanca Papers (26/12/2004)

The politicization that has marked transfer from Lleida of works belonging to monastery of Sijena, in Aragon, and, above all, manipulation that independence leaders have made of this issue is a perfect example of what should not happen in matters Artistic, cultural and historical. And at same time a blatant display of how far independenceists are willing to go in victimization formulas y have become accustomed to in ir parallel account of reality.

From Brussels, expresident Puigdemont attributed yesterday to a "coup d'etat to plunder Catalonia" performance of technicians of Government of Aragon and Guardia Civil to recover 44 works of Treasury of Sijena. Leaders of CUP, ERC and independent organizations appealed to a popular mobilization to prevent this transfer, which yesterday crashed against firmness of Mossos de Paquadra. And even Director of territorial services of culture of Generalitat in Lleida, Josep Borrell, threatened Aragonese who live in border area with Catalonia that y could stop receiving health care in retaliation. "It might be that we repensáramos it," he assured, in an intolerable admonition in a state of democratic coexistence.

In principle, everything is, and should be, quite simple: Provincial audience of Huesca confirmed on November 30 sentence of a court that in 2015 ordered transfer of pieces by canceling contracts of sale that nuns carried out without putting m in Knowledge of authorities of Aragon and of culture, as y send laws of patrimony. This time, moreover, manipulation of independence has been left to naked, because Generalitat of Catalonia itself complied in 2016 and gave Aragon first batch of pieces claimed, 51 that were in MNAC. The second installment, one of se 44 pieces that since yesterday rested in Aragon, except for one that has not been found, was paralyzed by Govern once decided, and has needed resolution of a judicial resource and police support to follow its course. The Generalitat can still turn to supreme and reverse situation if it accompanies reason.

Catalonia had support of most of institutions and democratic society to recover roles of Salamanca, depleted in Civil war, and it would be justice to fulfill same institutional loyalty with recovery on part of Aragon of A heritage listed as a national monument in 1923 and that justice considers indivisible. That was taken from Aragon with connivance of Diocese of Lleida (to which monastery belonged until 1995), Vatican and Generalitat, and it is independence government of Catalonia that has decided to politicize this cause in recent years to To award a heritage that does not belong to it, and not opposite. In face of Demarquee temptations in which PSC itself is falling against transfer, parties that support legality should not skimp on defending fulfillment of a court sentence. It's only way for a country to function democratically.

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