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Politics and patronage

Only justice can accurately delimit the faults of the case ERE

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Politics and patronage

The oral view of one of most media and political repercussions of this country begins today in Seville. During almost seven years of judicial investigation, scandal of ERE of Andalusia (public aid allegedly granted fraudulently in records of regulation of employment between 2001 and 2010) has questioned management and honesty of Socialists to In front of its main electoral stronghold, Andalusia, where y govern uninterruptedly for 35 years.

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Figures and suspicions are of weight. For a decade, Junta de Andalucía, first chaired by Manuel Chaves and n by José Antonio Griñán, granted 855 million euros through a simplified procedure that lightened bureaucracy. The first instructor of case, Judge Mercedes Alaya, came to accuse policy-makers of having devised a system in order to facilitate diversion of public money arbitrarily and without control. The defendants have denied it with solvent arguments. Today, after discharging several of investigated and reducing political cause to a single case in an instruction that has not been at right height, court will judge 22 former senior officials and anti-corruption office accuses Manuel Chaves de prevarication and José Antonio Griñá N, embezzlement.

This trial is culmination of seven years of political and judicial turmoil in which a way of managing public has been suspected. The scandal has been an ideal tool to weaken political rival and denounce patronage generated by Socialists in Andalusia after so many years in power. The existence of a criminal pyramidal structure in which governments and parliaments of various Andalusian legislatures were involved is hardly demonstrable. But if something should be answered by public managers it is precisely good administration of public flows; Especially when procedures were lightened and when re were repeated reports of participation of Andalusian Junta on risks of this new system.

There was probably a political responsibility for events that, sooner or later, those involved paid with ir resignations and ir abandonment of party in which y fought and that one day y presided.

It is crucial that judgment of ERE, which will be prolonged for months, is able to accurately delimit criminal responsibilities-if any-of defendants, among m, as well as Chaves and Griñán, also Socialist Minister Magdalena Álvarez. Only a profound analysis of what happened can reposition in its just terms a scandal like this, which has blurred image of PSOE even though its maximums have never been able to be marked of slightest undue enrichment itself.

Following this scandal, Andalusian Junta has changed procedures for tightening control of public aid. It is a positive result that should be imitated by all those communities where re have been corruption scandals.

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