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Poultry industry ready for the Japan market

Sait Koca, the president of the Association of white Meat Industrialists and Distillery (BLD), said that Japan is at the beginning of the target markets of the Turkish poultry sector, saying ' the sector is ready to export poultry meat from all angles to this country. '

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Poultry industry ready for the Japan market

Japan, poultry products were not exported due to various animal diseases in past years, while Ministry of Economy, initiative of food agriculture and livestock, was opened in front of exports with technical work.

  • BESD-a president said that in his assessment, Japan is a very large market, and target countries for Turkish poultry sector are at beginning.

Pointing out that industry is ready to export poultry meat from all angles to this country, husband reminded that animal product trade depends on certain rules.

  • The husband underlined that two countries should reach mutual agreed in technical procedures, "We are now open to selling goods to Japan, but in order to be able to start exporting actual technical rules that meet this country and Signatures need to be discarded. For example, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock should be in initiatives for health certificate, to complete signatures and to lift barriers in front of sector, "he said.

The husband, who underlined that Japan's 700 thousand tonnes of poultry product imports, mainly reported that meat and bone-free products were received.

The husband expressed that products could be transported to this country by ship, and that competitors, especially Brazil, used this way, that costs would be appropriate when a large amount of products were exported and that disadvantage would be eliminated in transportation. Brought.


Iran exports to Iraq

Providing information on exports of goods to Iraq, largest foreign market in Turkish poultry sector, husband has previously sent products from Habur border crossing, but in current conditions, central government of Iraqi Kurdish Regional administration (IKBY) The possibility of problems in transit of goods to areas of control, said y were heading for alternative routes.

He said that both Ikby and central government have maintained shipments of goods through Iran and by sea.

Demand for quota of low customs clearance from Russia

Although Russia has removed embargo, it is noted that a number of transactions, such as a health certificate, have not yet been concluded, referring to fact that y cannot export poultry meat to this country.


The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock said necessary step in this regard, however, is expected to respond to Russia, "we ask for this to be contacted by Russia and accelerate work. We have a quota request for our products from Russia to enter low customs tax. The acquisition of this quota ensures that sector's trade in Russia is long-term. "

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