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PP rearming

Conservatives turn right with married to regain electorate

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PP rearming

The Nineteenth Congress of Partido Popular yesterday elected Paul married as new president in a difficult political juncture for party. The PP, in freefall Demoscópica, has been seen in a few weeks evicted from power and dislocated in political chessboard, with a citizens who came from center and came comiéndole terrain radicalizing his discourse towards conservative positions. The election of Paul Casado, future candidate for presidency of Government, is not, if attention is paid to content of his speeches, best option to organize a modern right-center, a Conservative party similar to those existing in our European partners.

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The new president has presented himself in se primaries as a representative of ideological aznarism; There is no reason to rule out acting in a less radical and ideologized way once you have finished campaign to capture votes in your own party. The Popular party has been considered heir to José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, while it has opted for an amendment to entire style of latter. The experience and technocracy offered by Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, loyal to Rajoy and its policies, has been defeated by a more radical profile leadership. For se reasons, journey towards a Conservative party of European and centered cut, more able to adapt to social evolutions, seems to be longer today than yesterday.

The old Spanish right needs a real ideological renovation. It is not possible to go back to abortion law of 1985, to question law of historical memory or to ignore consequences of Francoist dictatorship, to maintain Catholic religion as an evaluative subject, to defend an exacerbated centralist vocation or to show minor Trait of complacency with corruption. There is no political space to go back on progress achieved in a democratic society. If yesterday's Congress has shown that bases of PP — not very nourished, as primaries have revealed — are committed to ideological and political rearmament, it is obliged to insist that this is not Conservative Party that needs Spanish democracy.

The PP has been and is a backbone formation of Spanish politics. It should be again, adapting to modernity, and seek opportunity to do so. Celebrating primaries for first time in its history has been an important step forward towards this new policy more open to a confrontation of ideas that, unfortunately, has scarcely been given. The desire to integrate candidacies has been a lesson for or formations. Pablo Casado is a man of media profile of only 37 years, who, against his slogan of regeneration, has only proposed in his speeches a change of forms and greater polarization of electorate. This is predicted by defense of se uncomplexed ideals that peaks and thus indicates a party that has elevated leadership to a politician who blatantly abultóed his academic curriculum and studied a master who is investigating justice. Let us hope that political management of new PP president will deviate from content of his speeches and be closer to what should be a European Centre Party. Margin has for it.

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