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Prices on the rise in dried figs ihracatlik

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Prices on the rise in dried figs ihracatlik

dried figs Turkey is world leader in production and exports from Far East and U.S. in recent years, with growing demand, prices also continue to increase. Last season, export prices per kilogram $ 4 reached, dried figs this year due to climatic conditions, fruits remain small in market has boosted prices of preferred varieties external to fig.

The Turkish exports of dried figs that performs a substantial part of holding of Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Ahmet goksan maple, AA correspondent, said this year, that are effective in growth period of fruit of fig that has stopped development of strong winds, with highest value of exports sold large that y are having difficulties in finding fig said. This is reflected in price from manufacturer of dried figs 4-5 6-7 pounds and pounds rises to level of this year, big rise in prices up to 18 pounds of figs, noting Goksan, y expressed concern over negative impact of prices on exports.

"not such a price has never been seen before"

despite high taris germencik Fig President Mustafa bircan total harvest of cooperative disclosure of a "quality" production has declined over years, noting that "a quality that very few can currently be processed for export in Fig. This put us over top on market. Such a price has never been seen before. The first installation will be held on October 11th in exports. The first ship is empty to keep exporter for high prices can go. I think price will decline over time," he said.

" price higher risk is also on rise"

Nazilli Mercantile Exchange and President of Board of Directors of Zia aksut for 37 years, before dealing with business of Fig, said that prices had not seen this level of dating. Price increases because of late start of season and holiday break that I thought was Aksut transfers, last year, according to manufacturer, The product has revealed more slowly to market, what Fig did not enough, seeing that argued that raising price of traders and exporters. Aksut, said:

"everyone is affected psychologically from this price increase. We don't know what happens after you start export of installations. Zero artificial prices in my opinion. Fig more than last year that is why price is going up ? Don't have a clear answer to this. The price higher risk is also increasing. Big Fig 17-18 pounds was price. This looks like a good case for manufacturer, but at same time it is dangerous because as price rises stronger ones survive."

MANUFACTURER HAPPY dry Fig producer Mustafa, if you increase price according to quality of Fig, figs 6-7 pounds last year for selling 14 pounds this year, live in happiness, he said.

Dry, "100 percent compared to last year, re is a difference. It takes all running goods who found big and clean. Of se prices that made us happy, but taken too far can lead to emergence of difficulties in later stages because it would be difficult to sell to outside of a fig 16-17 pounds," he said.


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