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Protect personal Data

Authorities must protect the privacy of victims of sexual assault

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Protect personal Data

Coinciding with rise of feminist movements, Spain has experienced an increase in number of allegations of sexual assault. In first quarter of year, rape charges were increased by 28% over same period of 2017. From 289 cases it has gone to 371, a growth that could also be driven by loss of fear of victims when it comes to denounce aggressors. To promote this confidence it is necessary that administrations guarantee security of women and confidentiality of ir data

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It is refore unjustifiable technical decision that allowed access to code that facilitated discharge of entire sentence on herd, issued on April 27 by audience of Navarra. This decision revealed in web of Foral government personal references of victim: name, surname and date of birth. Taking advantage of this rift, some media, digital portals and social network accounts have disseminated identifying data of young woman, thus causing irreparable damage.

In margin of flagrant error of Justice Navarre, on Internet have been published captures of video recorded by herd in sanfermines of 2016 while committing rape. Despite efforts made in trial, held behind closed doors to avoid leaks, guarantee of anonymity and right to privacy of victim has been violated.

This has been understood by a hundred organizations, unions and parties, which have filed a complaint with Public Prosecutor's Office to thoroughly investigate filtration and debug responsibilities. To General Council of judiciary and to Spanish agency of data protection it is necessary to reach bottom so that those who have disseminated information that affects fundamental right to privacy do not go unpunished.

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