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Prudence and stability

The result of the motion of censure requires limited and brief action

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Prudence and stability

The markets closed on Friday with hopeful signs towards change of government in Spain. They also seemed to welcome training of executive in Italy. None of two countries, however, can be trusted. The Italian economy is stagnant and Spanish recovery is uneven and precarious. Therefore, ensuring institutional and economic stability is a priority task of Government of Pedro Sánchez. This inevitably happens, as he has promised, to comply with European commitments, but also to join as an active member with capacity of influence in Brussels. The tensions generated by price of crude oil and trade war with United States advise it. On an internal scale, commitment to maintain budgets of Popular party already approved in Congress is most reasonable option, although this has forced PSOE to accept accounts that he himself rejected strongly.

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Stability must be primary objective, among or reasons because little else can be done. The reforming promises of new executive are severely cut by minority majority with which new president has to deal with and support he has needed from independence and/or nationalist parties. This weakness makes it difficult for him to gain sufficient support to develop a broad-run government programme. The interests are too much in way that in that effort re was no Sánchez to give in territorial politics betraying his own position.

The brief government program that Sanchez exposed to Congress and next day won motion of censure can be implemented, only in part, in a short space of time. Most of measures already have sufficient parliamentary consensus to move forward without too much procrastination. Repealing most aggressive articles of so-called gag law, recovering universality of health or facilitating change in dome of RTVE to guarantee a greater independence are initiatives with high possibilities to get ahead without obstacles Insurmountable.

There are ors of greater importance that would oblige, however, to a more sustained action for which Pedro Sánchez would require more coherent and solid supports of today has, although new majority formed around rejection of PP is unpredictable.

As Mariano Rajoy warned in motion of censure, ruling with a minority support is a complex task. He didn't know how to do it. Sanchez faces a much more delicate challenge. It will be as important as what you do as you do not do. Being attentive to any signs of destabilization and setting most convenient time for country to convene new elections will be crucial. Moderation in ambition of your decisions may be best strategy to tackle problems that last country's future. This restraint and fulfillment of commitment to go to polls will probably become necessary restitution of confidence of Spaniards in ir democracy and ir institutions.

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