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Pseudoscience unpunished

Public authorities should pursue unsubstantiated scientific therapies that put the life of patients at risk

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Pseudoscience unpunished

The practice of Pseudociencias has claimed a new victim. A young woman with breast cancer has died in hospital Josep Trueta of Girona after going with a chest totally necrosed. The sick woman had left chemorapy and had been put in hands of a healer who when asked about bad appearance of his breast, said that "if it comes out of skin is good because it is oxygenating."

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As woman who in 2015 died by a bee sting pseudoterapia or physics student, Mario Rodriguez, who died after leaving treatment against leukemia by advice of a supposed "specialist in naturist medicine and orthomolecular", this New death can go unpunished by loophole in which this type of practice operates. There is a paradox that medical malpractice can be severely punished, while se false rapists incur frauds that sometimes have fatal consequences without being faced with any responsibility, as demonstrated by acquittal of Healer who attended Mario Rodríguez.

A study by Yale University has shown that even when used as a complement to scientific medicine, alternative rapies worsen outcome of treatments for mistrust y induce in patients. The health report of city of Barcelona has revealed, on or hand, that re are more than 3,000 children who have not been vaccinated by ir parents ' decision. Fortunately, fact that more than 95% of children do are guarantee immunity of group that prevent m from getting sick, but if that figure increases, it can end up affecting everyone. The decision to leave treatments is almost always free and conscious, but ill-informed, and it is duty of public authorities to address this issue. Negligence in pursuit of se practices is having serious consequences.

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