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Puerto Rico Adrift

Are already 150,000 inhabitants who leave an island that does not raise head after the passage of Hurricane Maria

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Puerto Rico Adrift

The situation in Puerto Rico is still dramatic. The island does not raise its head and, if US reaction was lukewarm at most intense moment of crisis that triggered hurricane Maria, now that it has been a long time can be said that Boricuas have been left to ir fate. Former President Bill Clinton's recent visit may be a good sign to reverse situation. But what is clear is that re are already 150,000 Puerto Ricans who have abandoned it to move to Florida.

The hurricane destroyed its passage through island in September some 57,000 homes and left anor 254,000 severely affected. Since n, half of its 3.5 million inhabitants are still without power. This is one of keys to delicate situation: without electricity it is difficult to cope with reconstruction of infrastructure that hurricane took ahead — lack of potable water remains anor problem in some areas. Governor Ricardo Rosselló said that 95% of territory would have electricity in December. It will not be so, and executive shows in this way his impotence in a situation that does not manage to rail.

The atypical situation of Puerto Rico as an associated state of American giant makes it, under se circumstances, more vulnerable. President Donald Trump attributes serious economic and financial crisis to mismanagement of his politicians, and his histrionic gestures to demand for help — he threw rolls of kitchen paper at people during a visit — only seem to confirm weak backing that It has been given from United States.

Climate change is influencing magnitude of hurricanes that have devastated different parts of Caribbean, and US government has not always lived up to it. This is case of Puerto Rico. It is urgent that you correct course before problem is encysted.

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