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Puigdemont spider fabric to trap ERC

The independence leader promotes a new unitary platform with which to storm the electoral space of the Republicans

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Puigdemont spider fabric to trap ERC

While Congress of PP Aupaba married Pablo as new leader of formation, that of PDeCAT defenestration to Marta Pascal in favour of Carles Puigdemont. The two victors represented most extreme options and both are supporters of polarization and confrontation. The change in PP will soon be curdled because party is still in a state of shock and is to see how it will affect scandal of master gifted in future of popular leader glittering. But that of PDeCAT can have immediate consequences on Spanish policy.

Raised by unappealable verdict of German court of Schleswig-Holstein, which has rejected its extradition for rebellion, Puigdemont continues now its órdago to greater in Catalan politics with a hostile double takeover, one with its own party, PDeCAT, and anor with ERC. For now, first onslaught has won. The second is about to be seen. But his last maneuvers reveal that he is in task of building an extensive spider web with which to catch, one by one, all those who move in independence orbit.

Puigdemont has not been difficult to get game and put it to service of new national Crida per Catalunya that will formalize in October. What happened this weekend puts us before a new paradigm: replacement of old parties by political structures much more versatile and ambiguous, style of movement in March! Who clinched Emmanuel Macron to presidency of France, and now tries to emulate also Albert Rivera with his citizen Spain. They are structures of rapid political intervention, based on a media leadership and a strong, but indeterminate, idea. In case of Puigdemont, idea of "implementing Catalan Republic as soon as possible", without entering, of course, how a republic is going to be possible that has already been proclaimed and failed to acquire materiality.

Put PDeCAT to service of Crida, will now go to by ERC. Try to catch it in web of unity using a very powerful weapon in Catalonia: fear of being accused of traitor to cause. The promoters of Crida assure that it will not be a sum of acronyms, but a movement of individual affiliation. Puigdemont already tried a similar maneuver with candidacy Junts per Catalunya for 21-D, but failed to add to ERC. With Legitimismo's advantage, he achieved a success by surpassing ERC. But latest surveys, including that of CEO, indicate that with détente that has led to change of government in Spain, ERC goes back and Puigdemont falls. Unlike Puigdemont, Republicans are not interested in reverting to dynamics of unilaterality and, even less, to dilute mselves in joint candidacies.

In times of confusion, daring has an advantage. While ors falter, he runs miles. Puigdemont needs to re-tension rope of conflict with Spain. "They will come weeks and months enormously difficult. With more sacrifices than we have done so far, "said conclave. For now, it will put Sanchez's government in trouble and try to break idea that Spain is reformable. He knows that if Pedro Sánchez managed to make credible possibility of a third way for Catalonia, Castle of Republic was Tambalearía. The battle is going to be tough because all emotional artillery will come out.

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