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Putin's phallic and factual power

The Tsar exaggerates the military vigor and its providentialism way of its victory of March 18

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Putin's phallic and factual power

Never have elections been so close to erections as Putin is leading way of his canonization as president of all Russia. He will be proclaimed tsar on March 18. For devotion he professes, for having induced his idolatry in stimulus of recovered national pride and for having exterminated opposition, although Putin does not want to jump in his campaign, and assured victory by presenting a few days ago Supermegamaximetamisil.

He defined it as "invulnerable" with more propaganda emphasis than technical details. And he said that he could reach any objective of US surpassing shields and any or antidote, so that phallic exhibition of Vladimir has reopened Cold War not so much with intention of intimidating Mr. Trump as with intent to comfort his Own compatriots. Putin tells his people that Russia is in best hands, even testosterone-drunk.

and ubiquitous in its atmospheric power. We have already seen lethal procedures with which former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter have been purged in Wiltshire. An example of traitor who symbolizes Putin's power in and out of Russia, to extreme of winning US elections or Syrian war. And of having infiltrated from ir farms of trolls and bots in plot of procés, naturally without any trace of his sponsorship.

Putin has acquired a mythological dimension, but he represents for Europe a problem as concrete as territorial expansionism and sabotage, organized by latter with complicity of condotieros of east-Viktor Orban, first-to whom he has seduced since The authoritarian charisma.

The elections of Sunday will be for Vladimir a military walk not figuratively, but in a literal sense. Putin brings toger moral authority, executive power, religious fervor in his person, but he also represents image of best warrior. That is why he insists on exaggerating propaganda of his military and physical qualities. Doing photoshop with muscles.

and recreating in a gallery of Geypermanes that allows tame to a tiger, cross fists with a polar bear, immerse in oceans and ride a spacecraft. Putin is a superhero who adore 80% of population and many Spanish columnists, almost all of m on ABC, precisely because y observe in Tsar charismatic statesman, authoritarian, virile that would put us all same as it has put democracy firm , Degradándola to a copycat phenomenon. Because re are, re are urns. And counting, votes are counted, but Russian democracy is a mockery that Putin has become alibi for his immortality. If you win this election, what nerves, you will have at your fingertips a quarter of a century of government.

The candle on Victory cake consists of almighty missile, emulating that Pynchon novel, Gravity Rainbow, whose protagonist experienced an erection every time a self-propelled V2 pump sailed skies to precipitate.

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