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Reduce the water consumed per unit

Ülker Top Manager (CEO) Mehmet tütku, Turkey's food field in Europe and the world followed the same agenda, the producers in Turkey,...

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Reduce the water consumed per unit
Reduce water consumed per unit AA Economy News Introduction Date: 18.10.2017 16:52 current Date of Leme: 18.10.2017 16:54 ülker top Manager (CEO) Mehmet Türkcan, stating that Turkey follows same agenda as Europe and world in food sector, "produce in Turkey Contractors, suppliers and consumers are integrated into world, "he said.

The panel titled "Global Applications and trends in food systems" under "Sustainable Food Conference" organized on occasion of world agriculture and Food Day with cooperation of Turkish Food Employers ' Union (TÜGIS) and Sustainable Academy Was.

Speaking here, he said Turkey is closely following current developments in food field and is in a good position in production.

Noting that Turkey is following same agenda as Europe and world, tobacco said, country's producers, suppliers and consumers are integrated with world.

Voicing importance to environment in food production every day, tobacco, new economic order of profitability of society and environment that adds to account will be possible with production processes.

"It has gained utmost importance to implement a business model that will create value for all stakeholders. Especially companies that plan future are paying attention to m, "he said.

Mehmet Tülker, until year of 2024, said y aimed to increase growth and energy efficiency by 25 per cent without increasing carbon emissions in Üzü factories.

Underlining that y aimed to perform a 50 percent decline in amount of packaging wastage, tobacco said y would reduce use of plastics in flexible packaging by 20 percent.

"We reduced water consumed per unit"

In last two years, tobacco underlined that y were able to reduce amount of water consumed per unit by 15 percent, using following statements:

"In accordance with philosophy of responsible production and consumption, we continue to work on efficient storage and zero waste points. We aim to reduce packaging consumption. In order to make growth sustainable, we also work with some non-governmental organisations. We have produced biscuit wheat seeds by supporting work made to improve production of biscuit wheat in Turkey. "

He added that Yildiz Holding and Ülker will continue to respect environment, taking into consideration paradigm changes in economics.

"Manufacturers should manufacture according to industry's request"

Cargill Chairman Murat Tarakçıoğlu, needs of tomorrow to meet today's needs to be wasted, noting that importance of sustainability.

Ajandıoğlu, who expressed long-term sustainability of issue and 2030 targets, said that scope of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions in subjects received awards.

"We continue to invest in sustainability. This issue is important for agriculture and industry cooperation. Manufacturers should manufacture according to demand of industrialists, "he said.

In recent times, price of crude material has declined, Tarakçıoğlu, in fact it is not a very good situation for industrialists, price of product falling, production decreased and number of altitude was again upward.

"In this context, production of food and agriculture with agriculture and industry cooperation is a very important element. It is essential for private sector and public to cooperate with sustainability, "he said.

"If things go bad, we pay price."

Food Drink Europe Managing Director, Mella Frewen, said United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) cares about sustainable food, and companies have begun to give importance to this company.

"If we can reduce emissions, we could make a positive impact on climate if we could work more actively with caring for earth and humanity," Frewen said, noting that increase in environmental sensitivity should continue. Because if things go bad, we're ones who will pay for m, "he said.


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