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Renfe launches the greatest offer of employment in its history: 675 new seats

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Renfe launches the greatest offer of employment in its history: 675 new seats

More than half of jobs will be for machinists

Increase by 5% your current template

Renfe has opened a selection process to incorporate 675 workers, that is greatest offer of employment from your constitution as operator in 2005, as reported by railway company public.

this Is at least fifth offer of employment that carrier launches from 2015, when he began to perform first contracts after several years without adding staff, coincidienco with crisis.

These selection processes are part of employment plan that Renfe, same as Adif, supposedly bargained with ir trade unions in framework of last collective bargaining agreement. In both cases, are linked to settings volunteers a template for offer to leave company to workers of most age and seniority.

The ultimate aim of se employment schemes is to reduce average age of templates of Renfe and Adif, which is currently about 54 years, in addition to improve ir productivity, competitiveness, and professional qualifications through incorporation of new profiles adequate to new services.

under this latest and historical offer of employment, Renfe will increase by 5% ir current template, at end of last August, after latest additions, and low voluntary, was 13.723 workers.

Of total of 675 new jobs, more than half (375) correspond to squares of machinists, 115 or will be for commercial and 115 more to operators, maintenance and manufacturing.

The seventy remaining places will be allocated to technical staff and staff structure, which offer fees for different college degrees.

A part of se contracts will correspond to consolidation of temporary employment and, or, to new hires under replacement rate included in referred to processes of voluntary departure open in company in recent years.

The professionals interested in attending one of se positions must submit ir applications to Renfe before 29th of September. applicants must pay 10 eur in concept of right of participation in selection process.

Waterfall of deals in last few years

This offer of employment Renfe happens to put in place in recent years, bulk of which are addressed to collective of machinists, in order to have drivers for new fleet of trains and new connections BIRD that is put in service.

In June of 2015, company launched that was first selection of new staff following crisis, which came to 75 workers and in may 2016, a second for 522 employees, half of whom are machinists.

Later, in September of 2016 opened process to select 62 workers and seven directvos, and in may of this year, anor to choose an additional 250 drivers.


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