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Respect for sexual identity

We must support the call of the LGTBI organizations for those who suffer aggression to denounce them.

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Respect for sexual identity

There are more and more people from LGTBI collective who dare to express ir sexual identity without hiding. But this greater freedom is also translated into a greater number of homophobic incidents. Allegations of attacks on lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual have increased in recent years and also cases of harassment and discrimination. This is reflected in report of Madrid Observatory against Homophobia, which records 321 incidents in 2017, that is to say, almost a case a day. The Catalan Observatory records 111 incidents, with an increase in direct aggressions. This data does not yet reflect reality of homophobia, as many victims do not denounce it. The European Agency for Fundamental Rights estimates that only 10% of people of Colectivo LGTBI present a complaint when y suffer aggression.

Coinciding with International Day Against Homophobia, held yesterday in commemoration of day of 1974 in which homosexuality of Handbook of Mental illnesses was withdrawn, we must support call of LGTBI organizations so that those who suffer Assaults denounce m. This will only break idea of impunity with which many aggressors act and will consolidate right to live in a world of respect, regardless of sexual identity.

That respect advances less than desirable. There are still 75 countries in world that are legally pursuing homosexuality and 13 of m may be punished with death penalty. But even in those who have protective legislation, such as Spain, re is a social rejection that needs to be tackled. The homophobic climate seen in European countries such as Russia, Turkey and some eastern countries must be pursued from institutions, since it is incompatible with principles of freedom and respect for human rights enshrined in international treaties. .

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