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Retail trade fell 3.9% in October in Catalonia

Sales of trade fall in Spain 0.1% after 38 consecutive months of growth

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Retail trade fell 3.9% in October in Catalonia

Retail trade fell 3.9% in Catalonia in October with respect to same period last year, in month of greatest anxiety for independence challenge. In same period in rest of Spain, rate receded by 0.1%, in corrected series of seasonal and calendar effects. It is a regression of 1.7 percentage points compared to month of September, when rate stood at 1.6%. Catalonia, along with Melilla (-4.5%) leads turnover falls in October.

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October was not a good month for retail trade in Spain. Eliminating seasonal and calendar effects, so that differences in business days between one year and or are eliminated, retail trade billed last month 0.1% less than in previous year. It is first percentage drop since July 2014. Since n, retail business had chained 38 months of interannual growth. In October streak breaks and only big chains, with a growth of 1.6%, are saved from fall. They lost business, however, large areas (-1.7%), unlocalized enterprises (-0.3%) and, above all, small chains (-3.2%).

The retail turnover fell into vast majority of communities. Only Canary Islands (1.7%), Navarra (1.4%), Baleares (1%) and Madrid (0%) stayed on sidelines of descents. The rest of communities recorded turnover declines, with Melilla (-4.4%) and Catalonia (-3.9%) leading descents.

The service stations have also been saved from descents, with an interannual growth of 0.7%. Indeed, without m, fall of retail business would have been much higher, Del-1.1%. By product type, sales of retail food trade grow 0.2% compared to last October, while rest of products fall 1.9%.

In terms of employment, occupancy rate in retail trade rises by 1.5% compared to last year in Spain. Only small chains record a slight fall in employment of 0.1%, while large ones increase ir occupation by 4%. However, occupancy data are bad in monthly rate, which records a fall of 0.5% in October with respect to September, with descents in all types of trade, especially in small chains (-0.8%). By communities, employment grows mainly in Canary Islands (3.9% interannual), Asturias (3.5%) and Murcia (3.3%). Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha and País Vasco recorded lowest growths, below 0.7%.

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