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Retailer seeks flexibility in packaging

Turkish Retailers ' Federation president Mustafa Altunbilek, fruits and vegetables in the market in the cold Reyonda in the packaging is not needed to be sold, "we have requested an appointment from the ministry, as markets to explain our own proposals We want to. Consumers want to pick the product by selecting it. The product should come to us in packaging, but not in the store. Regulation will have 5 percent effect on prices, ' he said.

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Retailer seeks flexibility in packaging

Turkey's Federation of retailers, Mustafa Altunbilek, was published by Ministry of Customs and Trade to fruit and vegetable packaging and cold chain requirement was evaluated by communiqué.

  • To reduce rate of Fire, products, from field to grocery stores in special packaging and cold chain to support introduction of Altunbilek, but with arrangement of fruit and vegetable in grocery stores in refrigerated booths sold in packaging He said he didn't need to be forced.

Altunbilek, arguing that some products are not eligible to be sold in market in packaging, "re are products that will enter packaging and not go. Products such as greens and some vegetables are deteriorating fast. These products deteriorate quickly when y are stuffy. onions, potatoes and fruit are packaged in packaging, some products are not suitable for this, "he said.

"Our client shifts to markets"

The Minister of Customs and Trade Bulent Tüfenkci asked for an appointment and wants to convey his demands to minister personally, Altunbilek said y were expecting a meeting next week. Altunbilek, ministry stated that y want to tell ir proposals as markets, noted that:

  • "In supermarkets, small cartons, it could be a two-pound carton. We also want to deliver product to consumers in freshest way. We want to take down rate of Fire, but our client, our people, want to buy product by touching his hand. We cannot ignore consumer demand. Products are selected in all markets. If we put it in package and close his mouth, consumer will hesitate to see if product is rotten or soft. This way our client shifts to markets. Consumers want to get by looking, seeing, choosing. The product will come in packaging until it comes to us, but do not enter packaging in store. "

"5 percent of price"

Altunbilek pointed out that market should be invested in cold-aisle, noting that energy expenses and cabinet investments would cost a price. The average cost of refrigerant investment would be 500 million pounds Altunbilek, "These are not reflected at price of product. It reflects around 5 percent. There's no need for cold chains after product enters market. We are already getting our products everyday, "he said.

The important thing is to protect product until it comes from field Altunbilek, said that products cannot compete with market if market enters packaging.

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