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Retirement 70 Lira Holidays

Having collaborated with the possibility of cheap travel to pensioners, tüed is making a holiday to 70 liras in Antalya, including all-inclusive. 9 installment opportunities for those who want to...

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Retirement 70 Lira Holidays
Retirement 70 Lira Holiday Entry date: 18.10.2017 collaborations for cheap travel to pensioners By tured, all-inclusive daily 70 lira holiday is made in Antalya. 9 installments are also offered. Turkey Pensioners Association (tued), which offers cheap holidays with package tours to pensioners, provides discounts on hotels. Tüed, who deals with many hotels, offers its members opportunity to discount 30 percent . With this facility, all-inclusive daily 70 lira holiday in Antalya is possible. And re are also 9 installments. Emin Tangören , chairman of group of projects, reminded us that y offer a holiday opportunity of 555 lira to pensioners in 5 installments in last winter, "5-star hotels in our Summer campaign, 650 lira in Alanya 4 5 days in Dalyan, 3 nights and 4 days of holiday. Our campaigns are ongoing. We agreed with a tour operator. Our member pensioners can make a holiday in Antalya, including all-inclusive 70 lira, "he said. Noting possibility of installment of various banks, he noted, "wishing pensioners can pay ir holidays in 9 installments," he said. 30 percent discounton Internet sites of many hotels witnesses, "our pensioners can benefit from a discount of up to 30 percent of hotel y want. Campaigns do not have any number limit "statements used. On or hand, Labour and Social Security ministry is also continuing preparations for affordable travel. ' 1 million pensioners Negotiations with tourism are being made for cheap holiday ' project. January hike 212 TL Pensioners will receive a raise twice in January and July in 2018. The January hike of civil servants ' pensioners was determined as 4 percent increase and inflation difference . The January Zamm of SSK and Bağı-Kur pensioners will show inflation in second 6-month period of 2017. Experts expect increase to be between 3 and 5 percent . salaries; If increase is 3 percent, re will be a raise of up to 127 lira, 5 per cent 212 lira . His highest pension will be 4,000 452 lire .


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