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Retirement Payment

Both the SSK and the bond-Kur and the officer pensioners receive an additional payment of 4-5 percent of their salaries each month. Additional payment is added to the net salary. As the salary increases, additional payment is rising.

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Retirement Payment

Approximately 12 million pensioners receive extra income with additional payment that replaces tax refund system. The additional payment amount is determined by salary and is paid every month by adding it to net salary. As salary increases, additional payment is rising. The amount incurred in past tax refund system is determined by pension fee. Additional payments are determined by 5 per cent for low-wage retirees and 4 per cent for ors. Here, salary limits are determined every year. Accordingly, salaries under 900 lira are paid in addition to 5 percent of net monthly. According to calendar, additional payout rate is 4 percent for above fees. As additional payment is determined through salary, additional payment increases as net monthly rises. In January, all retirees will get a raise. Additional payment will be raised in January, as it is calculated on salary of raise.


How is account made?

If you need to give an example;

  • Currently, net salary is 3 thousand pounds, pension is 4 percent of this salary, i.e. 120 lira is receiving additional payment. The pensioner's hand passes 3,000 120 lira a month. So retirement's hands are 3,000 pounds of 120 lira net salary, 120 lira additional payment. If January hike is 5 percent, pension's salary will be 3 thousand 150 pounds. 3 thousand 150 pounds will be calculated by 4% additional payment. This will be 126 lira. The pensioner's hand will pass net salary in January and 3 thousand 276 pounds as an additional payment.

Don't interfere with heads

Many pensioners know money that lies in bank as ir salaries. That's why he's confused about additional payment. However, bank's payment includes both net salary and additional payment. It's easy to find out. When entered into account with E-government password, payroll-like system is encountered in salary information section. Here, net salary of pension and supplementary payment are shown separately.

Here's salary account

  • Net Salary = 3,000 TL
  • additional Payment = 3,000 x% 4:120 TL
  • Bank = 3,000 120 = 3,120 TL
  • If January hike is 5 percent
  • Net Salary 3,000 5% hike = 3,150 TL
  • Additional Payment: 3,150 x% 4 = 126 TL
  • Bank: 3,150 126 = 3,276 TL
  • Net Salary Hike = 150 TL
  • additional payment Hike = 6 TL
  • Total Increase = 156 TL.


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