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Rivera is wrong

Citizens unmarked from Rajoy breaking the consensus on Catalonia

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Rivera is wrong

The coup d'etat of Albert Rivera with regard to application of article 155 in Catalonia is inopportune and opportunistic. Inopportune because it occurs when formation of a viable independence government seems to be on way; A disturbing but less bad option than to keep misrule and go to new elections. It is opportunistic because withdrawal of its support to executive, although it does not have a real consequence in process, weakens Constitutionalist block in exchange for demarcation of Popular party when polls indicate, one after anor, how orange mark wins Positions on political board.

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You can share Rivera's arguments. It has accused government of passivity by not resorting to right to vote delegated deputies (Carles Puigdemont and Toni ate) and not to control with sufficient rigour use of public money for procés. They are differences of criterion, however, that in no way should torpedo unity of action of constitutionalism in a matter of state like this. If Spain has a major institutional problem today, that is independence challenge. The rupture of pact, in heat of dialectic battle and in a corridor of Congress, does not in any way favour dialogue and focused image that citizens intend to offer. His insistence on questioning executive on face of a dog in Parliament on difficult management in Catalonia seems purely tactical.

At one year of municipalities and Autonomics, Mariano Rajoy and Albert Rivera have stopped communicating, which is paradoxical if one takes into account that first governs thanks to votes of second. Paradoxical and worrying, it is duty of both to understand at least in matters of greater concern by mere institutional loyalty. The constitutional has admitted to process appeal of citizens against delegated vote in Parlament. Nothing would have changed from joining executive to that appeal. The staging of rupture, refore, responds more to a lack of personal harmony, which is also responsible for Rajoy itself, which as President of Government is obliged to lead consensus.

The PP, with Rajoy at head, has opted for a suicidal strategy. Knowing that citizens laminate its electoral base, it mistreats its partner of government without taking into account that fissures between both of m pass more invoice to PP, party that from power failed to defuse at time threat of unilateral independence until D Esafío broke out last fall. Rivera has to ask for a sense of state, which Rajoy did not have during his years of opposition to PSOE on Catalonia.

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