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Round rolls better

The new Bock bag bottle is not ü everywhere

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Round rolls better

"While at this source, a small breakfast is on site,/red wine with Pimpernelle and Gallinago tender and fine. /say how many bottles are to roll out of our bin, overfull,/empty in grass, through herbal fragrances clear and pure... " For example, Swedish drinker and poet Carl Michael Bellman sang, and so until today his apologists sang and sing from Hannes Wader to Fredl Fesl. And because re is talk of empty but rolling bottles, this beautiful text, which also mentions "lovely Plaisier" with a Nymphlein, is a very topical one.

Because, in past week, it became known that bocks bag, i.e. bottle in which francs would like to fill ir wine, won one of three prizes in gold that German Packaging Institute in Berlin annually awards. The Bock's pouch was honored for having a design by designer Peter Schmidt (one of largest offices in industry and having invented a funny elephant for his corporate identity), a little less bocksbeutelig.

The traditional form of this wine bottle- name Bock's pouch could, according to statement, also recall scrotum of a goat-has been used since 1728 to give content a more important meaning than it might be in a conventional bottle case Would. According to jury's praise, Schmidt office found "a modern interpretation of a well-known form considering modern glass technologies and sustainable glass reduction". Whatever that may be, modern bock bag design has convinced jurors mainly by fact that once spherical (but not rolling) bottle is now "angular and less bulge".

If success of designers who worked in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Munich and Tokyo was to be equal to goats ' pouch or wine in general, it would be necessary to have significant reworks as y were in atre and has been tending to opera for a long time. Wher "Faust" or "Don Giovanni", wher Wagner's ring or Schiller's "robber", y have all had to undergo a similar metamorphosis over past decades as now Bock's pouch. Very often, however, without a tribute as it has happened to this.

Carl Michael Bellman, in any case, would have been very unlikely to be very enthusiastic about this non-rolling, yet no longer completely bock bag. Because a bottle that does not roll does not pay to be emptied. And that, Bellman probably would have said, "is not beautiful".


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