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Runaways, no privileges

The removal of the Euroorden against Puigdemont naked to theirs

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Runaways, no privileges

The withdrawal of European order of arrest against president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and his exadvisors fleeing in Belgium is not a sign of weakness, fear, or resignation of justice, but exactly opposite. The measure taken in car of withdrawal of euroorden by judge of Supreme Court Paul Llarena obeys to plan to avoid that escaped sorteen persecution of one of offences for which y are caused (like that of rebellion) and that certain acts. The process, which would break principle of universality of law and that no crime should be punished.

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If it were, fugitives would come to enjoy an asymmetric treatment privileged with respect to parliamentarians and exadvisors who remained in Spain. And that y had dignity to bear responsibilities of ir acts of rebellion against constitutional and statutory ordering: These will answer for all ir alleged illegal actions.

So supreme's decision seeks to ensure equality of treatment, fairness of outcome and principle that, equally, equal offense, legal notions endowed also with a great projection as civic imperative: always avoid and in any case discriminations Negative. And it corrects perhaps hasty international order dictated by judge of national audience, Carmen Lamea, of whose jurisdiction it absorbed case.

The basis of decision calls for rebellion to be a crime as individual as of collective execution, product of a strategy shared by several, in which each one plays its role connected to rest. To fragment case, or to disperse criminal figures — as it would allow regulation of Euroorden, if some penal types govern in a country but not in which it must decide surrender — it would lead to an unfair trial for all. Some would pay more bills than ors.

The fact that he can temporarily lower police pressure on fugitives in Brussels is, however, a poisoned candy for m. Because y have already verified that with a small bail y would enjoy in ir immense majority freedom that ors enjoy.

If y presented mselves honestly to elections, y should return to campaign and if elected, take possession of ir seats. If y do not, it will be clear to ir constituents that vote y are being asked for is a hoax: it will not serve what is oretically intended. And if y do not return for fear of spending a few days in prison, it will be clear that by joining 21-D contest They were only looking for a political shield. And a patent of Corso to continue with its noisy propaganda that both harms Catalans, as has been proven with loss of European Drug Agency: its brawls were decisive to dismiss Barcelona.

Come back in good time. Face your responsibilities. Defend your cause without spectacles. And do not forsake those who in good faith trusted — mistakenly — in m.

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