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Russian obstructionism

Moscow does not allow the access of chemical weapons inspectors to Duma

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Russian obstructionism

Since attack with chemical weapons in Syrian city of Duma on 7 April, Moscow has been denying Syrian regime's involvement in action that caused dozens of deaths, including numerous women and children. In fact, Russian media have gone furr and have been repeating systematically sis that it is a montage of opposition that fights dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. They have assured, for example, that children who appeared with convulsions actually trembled with cold because y had m naked.

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Following this line of argument, it is astonishing that now both Russia and Syria have denied access to Duma to inspectors sent to Syria by Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). They allege "security issues that still need to be resolved." The inspectors arrived in Damascus on Saturday and since n are ready to begin ir work immediately.

At time, EU demanded inspectors on ground to clarify facts before ruling on possible sanctions or military actions. And after bombing of targets in Syria, held at dawn last Saturday by United States, United Kingdom and France, foreign ministers of 28 have preferred, for sake of consensus, "understand" rar than endorsing seamlessly operation Allied Military.

The EU is right to point out that military action, to be effective, must be accompanied by diplomatic initiatives. Russia, which supports El Asad, has repeatedly pledged to dismantle Syrian chemical arsenals. But Syrian dictator has ignored. Europe must put pressure on Russia, even with sanctions, for Syria to allow inspectors to be accessed to Duma and to definitively dismantle stockpiles of chemical weapons used by Damascus troops.

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