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Ryanair cancels 400 flights in Spain and will leave ashore to 50,000 passengers

The Irish low-cost airline announces the cancellation of 24% of its Spanish flights on 25 and 26 July for the strike of cabin crew

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Ryanair cancels 400 flights in Spain and will leave ashore to 50,000 passengers

The airline has been contacted by email and text message with those affected to notify m seven days in advance that ir flights have been cancelled, and has offered possibility of relocating on anor flight to be operated seven days before Or after July 25th and 26th. Alternatively, you can also receive full refund of your tickets, as reported in a statement.

The company, in first major labour dispute that it faces in Spain, ensures that strike will affect up to 200 of more than 830 daily flights that operates to or from Spain (24% of total), without specifying exact number of clients affected, although it admits to be Minus 50,000.

They will also be affected up to 50 of 180 daily flights to or from Portugal (27% of total and up to 50 of more than 160 daily flights of Ryanair in Belgium (31%). Throughout Europe, almost 300 flights will be affected in each of two days of stoppage of more than 2,400 that operates daily Ryanair, which accounts for 12% of total, with 100,000 clients affected two days.

No list of cancelled flights

The airline has not also provided a list of cancelled flights on its website, although it points out that any Ryanair customer who travels to or from Belgium, Portugal and Spain next Wednesday or Thursday that has not received an email or text message today , Wednesday, you can count on your flight to operate normally and you must check in following usual procedure.

According to ir calculations, 88% of Ryanair's customers in Europe will not be affected by strike, although Spanish trade unions calling for strike doubt se figures. It is still to be elucidated if minimum services set by Ministry of Development are finally fulfilled, by counting 1,800 crew members based in Spain with Irish labour contracts, and not being, refore, subject to obligations of legislation Spanish labor. In this way, in addition to 50,000 passengers who have already seen ir flight cancelled, re are anor 150,000 pending if minimum services are fulfilled, despite company's promise.

Ryanair noted that it has added extra staff to customer service department to assist in managing reimbursement or relocation of affected customers over next seven days.

No agreement at meeting

Attempts to stop strike remain fruitless. The meeting convened today by Directorate-General of Labour to mediate and unblock conflict ended this afternoon without any agreement or progress in negotiation. The representatives of Ryanair have not accepted precondition that trade unions had put use and Sitcpla, which passes that company assumes and apply Spanish labor law to its crew of cabin. The spokesman of Sitcpla, Antonio Escobar, and head of flight of use of air Sector, Ernesto Iglesias, explained after meeting, that management has not had will to reach an agreement, since it gives for discounted strike, and has come to threaten to leave Spain , if y don't let you develop your business model.

The airline argues that it is an "unjustified" strike by Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary.

Ryanair's chief Marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, has pointed out that "se strikes have no justification and do not pursue anything or than hindering family vacations and benefiting or airlines in Belgium, Portugal and Spain," he said in a Statement.

According to ir version, Ryanair cabin crew enjoys "a good salary-up to 40,000 euros per year-, 14 days off a month, good sales commissions, uniform bonuses and sickness benefit".

A completely different version of trade unions use and SITCPLA, conveners of PAROS in Spain, who deny se salaries, and demand that company is subject to Spanish labor law, instead of Irish, and end precariousness.

Both unions have denounced airline in Madrid's court of instruction for alleged coercion by passing a questionnaire to ir workers to see if y would support stoppages.

Jacobs has defended company's performance in connection with this complaint. "Email is perfectly legal, because we are not asking people if y are going to strike, but we ask, as we usually do, if y are going to fulfil ir assigned obligations."

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