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Science, in dry dock

The Government should prioritize research and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles to last the Spanish scientific potential

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Science, in dry dock

That Spanish R D system has lost 35% of budget compared to maximum reached in 2009 is very serious. This implies that research system has stopped entering 20 billion euros since crisis began and has 11,000 investigators less than in 2010. For a country that already had a considerable delay in investing in or countries in its European environment, this setback means to squander much of effort made in previous decade. But even more serious is that whole of system is on verge of collapse because of an absurd and rigid regulation that, in order to ensure compliance with deficit, prevents pointers of research can spend even ir small Budgets.

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The situation has reached such a level of esperpento that most worrying scientists right now is not chronic lack of resources, but absurd management system that prevents m from spending available budgets, including those funds that have Obtained from international organizations in competitive convocations. This has been denounced by Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain, a platform that brings toger 79 associations of researchers.

This situation has caused resignation of director of solar platform of Almería, an installation dedicated to development of concentrated solar energy. The budget allocated to this center is six million a year, but bureaucratic impediments prevent it from spending more than 15 that it gets from EU. The danger, in this and or research centers, does not affect only ongoing projects. It also severely decimates teams. The largest research body, CSIC, has lost from 2011 14% of its workforce.

The current GDP growth should allow for recovery of lost land, but termism and lack of government vision in setting its priorities is thwarting efforts of thousands of scientists. Without adequate R D investment and efficient resource management, we will never be able to compete in league of most advanced.

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