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Secondary Profession Elite Referee

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Secondary Profession Elite Referee

About an hour before a Bundesliga game, Marco Fritz first puts himself on massage bench. He can n loosen his muscles, massage m through. Of his own physiorapist, which German football Federation (DFB) provides to his referee team in first and Second league as well as his own driving service from hotel to stadium. There are amenities that are now self-evident in professionally designed professional football.

The referees in Bundesliga have long ceased to look like legendary wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder, who in 1980s of previous millennium, with its rounded figure, drew a rar comfortable picture of impartial. No black jersey is more prone to abdomen, y do not arrive breathlessly in area of room, if y have been sprinting 60, 70 meters across square. Bundesliga referees are nowadays performance athletes, wiry, fit-just like Marco Fritz from Swabian Village basket in Remstal.

For eight years 40-year-old has been whistling in first league, for five years now he has been allowed to embroider logo of World Football Association FIFA on front of jersey-as one of only ten arbitrators in Germany. He is part of German elite, Champions League, cup final in Berlin and European Championship in France he has already seen as active. But when Fritz tells about his profession, it sounds like a referee whistling in state League of Württemberg season 4. After English week or day, when he led match between FC Schalke 04 and FC Bayern, he sat down at five in morning in train home to Stuttgart. Once re he brought his fine twist from car to move around in office.

At 8.30 a.m. He sat back at his desk behind computer. In noble black suit, narrow white Stretchhemd and chic tie. Referee he is only in side job, he is a banker in main profession. "This is fun for me," says Fritz, when he takes a seat in his branch in Stuttgart's city centre at conference table. He has been working in Royal road for a year, before he was a branch manager in Bad Cannstatt, among ors.

video evidence hurts more than it benefits The reason for all chaos: The video referee should be a corrective and work in background-but so far it does not work. Comment by Philipp Selldorf more... Maybe Fritz is too much Schwabe

The steep career as a referee is, of course, in way of a career as a banker. Fritz has resigned himself to fact that he is denied great chances of advancement in bank, even though re is a unifying. Dealing with people for example. "I learned to solve conflicts faster and better in course," says Fritz. But he does not stand in conflict with himself, he continues. He knows what he wants. At moment, his hobby, "The Piper", as he calls it, is more important than work. Why not give it up?

Five years ago he agreed with his employer on a part-time solution, eighty percent of his work workload can now be flexibly worked out. "It was never a consideration," says Fritz, to leave bank for football. Maybe he's too much of a schwabe. They would like to be told that y would shy away from risk, y already provided for future in present, like to form reserves or build a railroad. As referee is in Bundesliga with 47 years ending. Adamant is retirement age. "And what comes afterwards?" asks Fritz.


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