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Sexist stereotypes don't come from the moon

The fine work inspection to a college in Sant Cugat to extend to teachers the segregation practiced in the classroom

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Sexist stereotypes don't come from the moon

Lately we are witnessing a resurgence of sexist stereotypes. While women denounce, in campaigns such as Metoo, reality immersed in sexual abuse, macho culture not only lasts, but in some areas gains ground. We already knew that violent behaviour or discriminatory behaviour would not be extinguished because a law against gender violence or a law of equality was passed because such behaviors were learned. But where does that 27% of teenagers who think that violence in couple is normal, or that or 33% who believe that feeling jealous is a supreme test of love? If it increases social tolerance for expressions of machismo and some defense lawyers dare to criminalize victim of a multiple violation, as if it were plausible that a woman enjoys when five fanatics submit it in a portal, is that we are Receding, and that must be something.

It would be interesting to have field work on this issue, but Daily News offers us some clues. For example, one that accounts for fine of 50,000 euros that Labour inspectorate has imposed on Colegio Viaro Global school de Sant Cugat. This is one of elite centers of Opus Dei that segregates by sexes. Not only does it guarantee families that ir boys will only share classroom with or children, but that teachers are also "men." And indeed, all teachers are masculine.

This is one of many centers that segregate by sex that are held with public funds. When pact for Education of 2006 was signed in Catalonia, question of segregation was one of horses of battle. The Socialist-majority government succumbed to blackmail of United, which threatened to wreck pact if it was forbidden that private schools segregating by sex could benefit from an educational concert. Now, what is left of United has been incorporated into socialist lists for 21-D elections, but consequences of that battle remain well alive.

Sexist roles feed a chauvinistic culture that breeds inequality and, taken to extreme, leads to abuses and gender violence as ultimate expression of a concept of male-female relations based on masculine superiority. The schools that segregate, not only in classroom, but also in cloister, Project sexism both in personal and in professional field. And that's case when in Alcorcón, Colegio Fuenllana, only for girls, organizes cooking and preparation courses, and Colegio Andel, only for boys, organizes it of computer science and electronics. The rebound of sexist stereotypes is also undoubtedly unrelated to educational concerts to centres that segregate by sex in Comunidad de Madrid have gone from 4.1 million euros in 1999, to 21.9 in 2009 and 39 million in 2016.

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