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Spain absent

Rajoy boycotts European summit not to coincide with Kosovo leader

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Spain absent

Since Kosovo proclaimed its independence in 2008, successive Spanish governments have pursued a contradictory policy. On one hand, y have held public and repeatedly that uniqueness of case of Kosovo prevented it from being seen as a valid precedent for or contexts — especially Catalan —. But at same time, as if fear be mistaken and that recognition itself constitutes a precedent, not only have y refused to recognise new Kosovar state, but have actively litigated in all international fora and before ir European allies and friends To prevent that recognition from spreading.

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It has to be said that diplomacy has not been very successful. Serbia's demand before International Court of Justice, in which Spain was perjury, failed, because Hague tribunal ruled that re was no violation of international law in Kosovo declaration of Independence. From re, in decade since independence, 116 countries have recognized Kosovo, including all EU and NATO members, except for Spain, Greece, Romania Slovakia and Cyprus, as well as some international relief organizations, such as International Monetary Fund or World Bank.

The passage of time has left Spain in a position of increasing international discomfort, being constantly obliged to depart from diplomatic initiatives of its European partners for region or even to block accession of Kosovo to agencies Internationals such as UNESCO.

Some absurdities arise from se difficulties, such as participation of Kosovo in Mediterranean Games, which will be held in Tarragona next June, which implies that flag of Kosovo will be flying in Spanish territory. But beyond anecdotes, re are far more diplomatic events, such as absence of President Rajoy of EU-Balkans summit that Bulgarian presidency organized on 17 and 18 May in Sofia.

The absence of Rajoy in second part of summit, to which are invited six countries of Balkans struggling to access EU in a more or less immediate future, wants to represent rejection of Spanish diplomacy to fact that European Commission and high Foreign policy representative, Federica Mogherini, have included Kosovo, toger with Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina on list of applicant countries. But it also wants to send a clear political message to rest of community partners about Spain's firm refusal to normalize situation in Kosovo.

Wher for reasons of European policy or domestic policy, what is clear is that Rajoy is mistaken. Firstly, because both Serbia and four or EU partners who do not recognise Kosovo, will attend summit. But above all because message of his absence is as ridiculous as it is counterproductive: Kosovo, which is not a member, will participate in a European summit, but Spain, which is, is not. If that's not a diplomatic defeat, it certainly does.

Faith of errors: In a previous version it is omitted that Slovakia has also not recognised Kosovar state.

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