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Spain chains its fifth consecutive year with record of tourists

The sector chains five consecutive years of maximum visitor figures

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Spain chains its fifth consecutive year with record of tourists

Tourism continues its unstoppable march in Spain, and are five years with record on record. Last year more than 82 million foreigners visited our country, which is an increase of 8.9% with respect to 2016, according to estimate of closing of year elaborated by Ministry of Energy and Tourism, which has advanced President of government, Mariano Rajoy , in Rome at summit of countries of sourn Europe, where he has described se figures as "very relevant".

More information
  • The expense of foreign tourists until November exceeds record of all 2016
  • Spain beats record of foreign tourists a month before closing year
  • The locals and Navarre are Spanish most travelers

With this data, department directed by Minister Álvaro Nadal estimates that Spain pulverizes its record and will surpass United States for first time. It will thus become second country of world in number of arrival of tourists, only behind France. Since 2012, number of foreign visitors has increased by almost 30 million.

Thanks to this, expense of se foreign visitors also grows to maximum levels. According to statement sent by Ministry of Energy and Tourism at last minute of this Wednesday, total expenditure amounted to 87 billion euros. This implies an increase of 12.4% compared to previous year.

The increase in spending is higher than that of tourists because it has not only raised number of visitors but also what is left half each of m in Spain. In particular, average disbursement per tourist amounted to 1,061 euros per Peron, 3.1%.

Anor positive indicator, which experts in sector pay close attention to, is spending per tourist and day. This amounted to an average of 137 euros, a 4.4% more than amount of 2016.

The analysis by issuing markets again shows that, despite Brexit, British continue to be most visited Spain. In first 11 months — Ministry of Tourism did not facilitate estimation by issuing markets — it reached 18 million British tourists, 7% more than in same period of previous year. This also makes LSA Islands visitors beginning source of revenue from sector: 16,604,000,000 until November, according to Tourism Expenditure Survey, Egatur, elaborated by INE.

Then re are Germany, with 11.4 million tourists, which were left 11,693,000,000. If added disbursement of British surpasses Germans, it is by ir greater volume, since average expenditure of each German visitor (1,038 euros) exceeds in 127 euros from United Kingdom (911 euros). The third country of tourists would be France, where 6.7 million people came from.


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