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Spain's economy takes ' the defendant of independence '

Catalonia autonomous Administration, which constitutes 19 percent of the Spanish economy, draws attention with the gross national product of 222.5 billion euros. The region's trade with the world last year amounted to about 143 billion euros. The trade volume between Catalonia and Turkey was 2.6 billion euros last year.

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Spain's economy takes ' the defendant of independence '

The total foreign trade of Catalonia Autonomous administration last year, which came up with a referendum on independence that Spain does not recognise as unconstitutional, is about 143 billion euros, while 2.6 billion euros in Turkey Was.

With adoption of Spanish Democratic homeland in 1978, region of Catalonia in east of country was defined on basis of millet, and n region was given autonomy. The autonomous administration of Catalonia, described in advance that Spanish government is illegal, went to pro-independence referendum on October 1st. As a result of referendum, 90,9 percent of voters were using "Yes" vote was announced.

  • The autonomous administration of Catalonia, which is frequently located on world agenda with controversial referendum, produces about 19 per cent of Spain's gross domestic product and reveals a stronger economic outlook than or parts of country.

A more developed economy than or parts of Spain, Catalonia's main source of revenue is service, industry and agriculture sector. Barcelona, capital of region, is an important place for tourism and Europe's design, biotechnology Center as a city that contributes significantly to region's economy.


The GDP of Catalonia, which accounted for 16 percent of total population of 7.5 million in Spain, amounted to approximately 222.5 billion euros last year.

  • Catalonia managed to leave national revenue per capita of Spain, which is 24 thousand 100 euros, with national revenue per capita of 29 thousand 576 euros last year.

In a better position than Spain in terms of economic data, Catalonia also reflected its success in reducing unemployment. Last year, unemployment rate remained above 20 per cent in Spain, while same period took place at 14.9 per cent in Catalonia.

Tourism stands out

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, including works of UNESCO-awarded Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, carries great tourism potential for region.

While tourism is generating 15 per cent of region's revenues, number of tourists visiting Catalonia last year amounted to 17.9 million and revenues from tourism in same period reached 16.6 billion euros.


Turkey-Catalonia trade volume increased by about 24 percent

The foreign trade volume of region amounted to 142.7 billion euros last year, while exports of motor vehicles, parts and components, plastics and products, machinery and components, pharmaceutical products and electrical appliances were featured in last year.

The trade volume between Catalonia and Turkey reached 2.6 billion euros last year. Turkey's trade volume with region was 2.4 billion euros in 2015 and 2.1 billion euros in 2014. Thus, trade volume between two sides showed a 24 percent increase in last 3 years.

  • Turkey's main products exported to region, knitted and unknitted clothing, motor vehicles, components and parts, machinery and components of electrical appliances created.

The first three countries in Catalonia's exports are France, Germany and Italy, while Turkey is 11 on this list. He's in line. The most import countries in region have been recorded as Germany, China and France. Turkey is 15th most imports of Catalonia. Was.


Investments are being stretched

Recent studies in region focused on independence, causing Catalonia to lose its appeal in eyes of foreign investors.

  • Direct investments in Catalonia declined by 4 per cent in 2016 to 4 billion 800 million euros in previous year. The ongoing uncertainty in Catalonia has begun to negatively affect investments in area of tourism, especially in region.

Declaration of independence from world Catalonia

Play 00:59 Spanish police referendum on raid of Spanish Interior Ministry, independence referendum in Catalonia, entered ballot boxes and said that he confiscated. Comment

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