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Spanish Esperpento in Russia

The removal of Julen Lopetegui creates stupor and uneasiness in the players and the hobby

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Spanish Esperpento in Russia

The Spanish national team has started World Cup that is opening today in Russia. The Federation yesterday dismissed coach, Julen Lopetegui, after he was known, three weeks after having renewed his contract with federation until 2020, which has been signed by Real Madrid. Regardless of inopportune of this announcement, abrupt relay has created stupor and uneasiness in players and hobby, and has projected a bizarre image of Spanish delegation. A private company has legitimacy to hire whoever and whenever y want. The challenges of selection, however, were largely known; The red arouses enormous expectations and enthusiasm among his followers. Something has not been managed well so that surprising announcement that Lopetegui go to train Madrid can destabilize team and compromise ir results in an appointment that, before a cause of concern, is an opportunity to celebrate, party and Entertainment.

The start today in Russia of great spectacle of football is a sporting event that Putin has turned into a fabulous showcase to project his image. A country that does not respect human rights, which stifles freedom of expression and persecutes homosexuals, who have been expelled from G8 by annexation of Crimea, will look a very different face.

For any country, organization of a World Cup is an excellent propaganda platform. More than 3 billion viewers will be awaiting an event that unleashes passions. Oblivious to political conflicts or geo-strategic interests, fans around world will focus ir eyes exclusively on what happens in field of play. The fans want, above all, to enjoy game.

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