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State officials may collect 21,000 euros less than autonomics in the same position

The Csif Union analyses in a study the annual salary gap between communities and the central system and denounces huge differences

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State officials may collect 21,000 euros less than autonomics in the same position

With some small exceptions in some autonomy, in general results of ir report indicate that salary differences between employees of State and those of communities oscillate between about 1,000 euros of less a year that charges a workforce In maintenance and services and 21,600 euros of less a year charged by an official A1 (superior) With respect to one who does comparable work in Basque Country.

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The union warns that this is a highly complex report, taking into account multiple wage concepts, groups, types of public employees and dispersal and lack of transparency of data. Use data from 10 Autonomous Communities you consider Representative. And it analyzes all groups (qualifications), with maximum level (responsibility) to which y can arrive, discarding levels 29 and 30 corresponding to high positions, advisers, personnel of free designation, etcetera, and wage value that more repeats (fashion) Adding basic salary concepts, target complement and specific complement (Penosidad, specialty, availability ...).

"We have ruled out part of payroll corresponding to antiquity for being an individual concept, extraordinary work (because re is no data on criteria of distribution) and productivity (a discretionary amount that is rewarded or valued a Certain work that administrations do not make public data. These remuneration concepts would even make difference between administrations greater, " reporters point out.

Basque Country and Galicia, extremes

According to tables included in Csif report, most striking case of distance from salaries is in Basque Country. There (always according to figures provided by this Union) an official of category A1 earns 62,403 euros per year, compared with 40,800 euros of one of General administration of state. That is: 21,602 euros less. In or categories re are also striking differences: for staff C2 distance is 7,557.9 euros; For A2 is 8,399 euros and for C1, up to 11,391 euros.

In Catalonia, salary gap of civil servants (always in favor of autonomic employees) is between 3,048 euros and 20,841 euros, according to group. In Madrid, it goes from 3,728 euros to 5,460 euros, depending on level. In Extremadura, from 1,032 euros to 6,092 euros. In Andalusia, from 4,799 euros to 6,434 euros. In Asturias, from 5,841 to 6,199 euros; In Aragon, from 1,483 euros to 5,060 euros; In Navarre, from 8,867 euros to 16,262 euros.

The cases with less distance are those of Valencian Community ( gap is between 379 euros and 2,617 in group with more level) and Galicia. This last community is, among those analyzed by Csif, exception: re some autonomous officials charge even less than those of state: those of group A1 earn 38,998 euros per year, 1,802 euros less than in central administration. The A2, 809 euros less. In lower categories (C1 and C2) They do gain more autonomy, 2,492 euros and 1,331 euros, respectively.

Three analyses to different groups

The study has three parts: in first one, it analyzes official personnel, where Csif compares remunerations of General administration of State with Autonomous communities of Madrid, Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre, Andalusia, Extremadura, community Valencian, Asturias, Aragon and Galicia. "Including historical communities, and those that we understand significant by ir total number of public employees and ratio per capita," he justifies. And in administration of justice, with all communities transferred.

A second part studies case of penitentiary institutions, where only state and Catalonia are compared, only autonomous community where competition is transferred. "In this case, we also call for same treatment and dignity as Civil guard and police comrades, as well as dependents of Ministry of Interior," union said.

In third part, we study case of work personnel (personnel of trades without administrative authority to generate rights and obligations for citizens). Here comparison is carried out between Madrid, Andalusia and Extremadura, "because se autonomy are very significant by total number of staff of this type hired".

Less pay Mass

Csif says that this Tuesday y will address "this problem" of salaries with Popular parliamentary group and in coming days with citizens. "The government's own president recently pointed out to media advisability of equating salaries between General administration of state and autonomous Communities, as is intended to be done in case of Civil guard and police," he points out in a Release.

According to Union, with reduction of cash, since 2010, re has been a loss of accumulated wage mass of 1,657,700,000 euros that could be invested in this wage equivalence. "Csif understands that, at a minimum, next budget should be earmarked for additional funds around EUR 500 million."


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