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Stunning description: we'll be the first in the world

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Stunning description: we'll be the first in the world

I'm telling you now. In last quarter we probably average by end of year number two in world," he said.

Zeybekci, in his speech at annual Congress of AK Party, county agency tavas, Turkey attacked to search far and wide, however, noted that Turkish economy is not a thing.

  • continued attacks on President and Prime Minister, binali yıldırım, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in beginning noted that Zeybekci, said: "today, planned every word she said All said. It says 'We are against Turkey's full membership to European Union.' Was re anything not just looking back to Turkey? Freezes after that says 'oppose updating of Customs Union of Turkey.' Looking back again, you might have had something. Currency are going up, interest rates breaks record of growth. Exports broke a record. Now she's thinking, 'I wonder what I'll tell you.' They will not be able to say anything. Because that has become such a huge economy like in past threw a book I know what happened. Those days have passed."

Turkey's world 13. largest economy in Europe 5. Zeybekci recalled that it is largest economy before us "4. I have one. By Allah's leave, we will be in first 4. World's largest airport is done. This abdominal pain. Asia, Europe and Africa is center of transportation is Canada. Related to energy is becoming a center for Turkey. Turkey anywhere in world, and re's someone close in geography draws maps. Turkey says 'cizdirmem," he said.


Zeybekci, Turkey joint construction of world's most modern aircraft F35 said and said: "Then we'll satisfy or requirements. don't worry. In spite of everything to growth, exports and employment in Turkey broke records. 10.2 percent unemployment rate it's a success. Because last month, labor force participation rate was 52 per cent. Now 53,4 percent, more than 1 per cent that's where figure comes from. People want to work. To work entering market. With participation of population, with development of at least 1 million every year on an average, we citizens, we will find ourselves. In it we are going to grow by an average of 6 percent. Betrayal in spite of where we are in last quarter by 5 percent, 5.2 percent in 2017 in first and second quarter average in third quarter, we'll be World number one. I'm telling you now. In last quarter probably by end of year we will be number two in world on an average."



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