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Syria: From chemical warfare to cosmetic warfare

The sterile bombardment of the USA, France and the United Kingdom consolidates the power of Putin and the Assad

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Syria: From chemical warfare to cosmetic warfare

If re were no 500,000 dead and Syria would not have degenerated in desolate landscape of Chechnya, Gila sketch of war could be cited. And evoke interrogations of passage that introduced him: Is he enemy? Put it on. And enemy, Putin in guise of Bashar al-Assad, has been placed on or side of line, without reprisals, almost enternecidoed by parody of Ardent Warrior in which y have incurred Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron, choreographing a propaganda operation Which, in reality, reinforces and comforts adversaries.

Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin can continue massacre as long as y do not abuse chemical weapons. Both ferocity and cruelty have been afeadoed, but axis which have improvised Washington, Paris, and London has been prevented from any escalation hazard. And y have almost failed to ask for forgiveness, although mere decision to announce attacks and targets shows that offensive could have been made with fireworks and plumes of special effects.

The drill is a pretext for defining geopolitical scenario. This seven-year-old war has always had a loser, Syrian people, but it has been varying in its winners, contenders, allies, targets. Syria is war of all wars in dynamics of its own atomization.

It's Sunni war against Shiites. It's a civil war. It's an insurgency war on a tyrant. It's war against jihad. It's war of UN's ridicule. It's Middle East war. It is war of Israel against Iran. It is war of Kurdish problem. And it is war of United States against Russia. Colder than hot, but unmistakable of suspicions that have revitalized both nations, despite enthusiasm with which Putin and Trump concelebrated The victory of Republican president.

Donald Trump has rectified Obama's indulgence to ayatollahs and has consolidated alliance with Israel. And he has added to his hosts Saudi Arabia and military weight, geostrategic, of Turkey, in such a way that region's former anti-Zionist disputes have been subordinated to common aversion offered by Shia bloc (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah).

It would have been interesting, promising, that harmless offensive of Friday night would really have threatened power of Bashar al-Assad. The fall of Syrian president was true origin of war, when international community conspired to overthrow it. When insurgency was stimulated.

And when Islamic State, in embryonic situation, formed even part of implicit Western alliance. The chaos that has occurred since n stacks half a million dead. And it defines a failure that United States, France and United Kingdom have disguised as cosmetic ethics and aestics. The biggest damage that Putin can do is boycott World Cup.

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