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Takasbank will also be the intermediary in deed works

The central bank has commissioned Takasbank to broker the deed exchanges and property purchases. By the central Bank of the Republic of Turkey...

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Takasbank will also be the intermediary in deed works
Takasbank will also be a tool in deed Works entry date: 18.10.2017 16:08 Central Bank, Takasbank ' I was tasked to broker deed exchanges and property purchases.

By central Bank of Turkey (TCMB), Istanbul Exchange and storage Bank of Aş (Takasbank) "Deed clearing-real estate exchange payment via Takasbank" service of activity, Takasbank's It was decided to approve or activities.

The decision on or activities that TCMB may carry out in addition to Takasbank's securities reconciliation system operations has been published in Official Gazette. In decision, following statements were given: "Takasbank's deed clearing- property of sale of real estate exchange payment through Takasbank, activity of service of activities that Takasbank can perform and To extent of activity permit given to takasbank with decision of 12/6/2015 date and 10158/19757 to operate securities reconciliation system; Payment and securities reconciliation, published in Official Gazette of 28/6/2014 dated and 29044, with law on payment and securities reconciliation systems, payment services and electronic money organizations, dated 20/6/2013 and 6493 numbered. In accordance with article 17 of Regulation of activities of systems is decided. "


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