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Technical government

The designation of Escolano ratifies that Rajoy renounces the political initiative

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Technical government

The Spanish economy is going through a delicate phase. Although economic recovery is confirmed and growth rate is very high (3.1%), it faces challenges and reforms, stops in last two years of political inactivity, of great complexity, which require in addition to a strong political impulse: since reform From pensions to fight against job precariousness, reform of regional financing or inevitable and urgent improvement of competitiveness of economy. In this context, appointment of Román Escolano, former president of ICO and one of Vice-Presidents of European Investment Bank (EIB), does not seem best option to cope with a pulse and a mood for change to last two years of legislature. Rajoy, once again, has opted for an appointment without political weight and, in doing so, has given up on taking initiative in reforms.

Escolano's professional profile is not debatable or reprehensible. His experience in Europe and his knowledge in economics are beyond question. In fact, it responds precisely to condition demanded by President: "That you do not have to study issues you have on table." However, that requirement is insufficient for office for which it has been appointed. In current political situation, at a time when it is necessary a remarkable political impulse to change in depth working and economic conditions of a significant part of population, to which recovery has not arrived, and in which accumulate clouds of Social conflict, a minister of economy was needed with a more political profile, with capacity to make decisions and to lead a clearly uncoordinated economic team. But instead of political initiative, continuity has been chosen without furr.

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The political message conveyed by appointment of Escolano is that objective for what is left of legislature (two years, half of mandate) is simply to endure, to leave initiative to ors, to put in white management and to resist until call of new Elections. It is not difficult to calculate that president has sought a comfortable appointment — regardless of his technical qualities — without edges, that he does not generate conflicts over initiative and that he manages (especially in Brussels) political inaction planned for Next two years as only government program.

Rajoy has made legislature's circumstantial difficulties a perfect excuse for immobility. It hides behind Catalan conflict and its parliamentary minority to justify two years of management practically blank and a dry stop of political and economic reforms that country needs. But to govern is to take initiative, even in worst circumstances. Two more years doing nothing, with blocked investments, no structured budget and giving up any reform initiative, can end patience of citizens and turn current economic and political problems into cystic damage During next legislature.

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